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1:58 pm Argentina successfully defended its Olympic title defeating Nigeria 1-0 at the Bird Nest today, August 23, 2008. Angel Di Maria scored the winning goal on the 58th minute.

The match was more exciting than most World Cup championship matches I've ever seen with plenty of open play and counter attacks. The big difference was Messi whose runs troubled the Nigerians. It was his through ball to Di Maria that led to the winning goal

The match was terrific and congratulations Argentina: 2008 men's Olympic football champion!!!

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1:21 pm I'm watching Argentina vs Nigeria the men's Olympic football final. Angel Di Maria scored for ARG on the 58th minute.

Tonight: 7:00 pm Boxing finals


2:58 pm Team USA won last night dumping Argentina 101-81 though the later gave them a huge scare. Ginobili got hurt, left the game and never came back. The Americans built a 21-point lead in the first quarter. Becoming complacent, the Redeem Team tried to showboat (calling Mr.Rogge) but their alley op passes went pffft. The Argentinians, unawed and unafraid, went to a zone defense and started to become physical. Team USA responded by throwing bricks like they were in a construction site even insisting on some highlight plays but thankfully went awry. Their huge lead was cut to six. Their b987 WERE being squeezed tightly even Coach K was clueless on what's going on. Then, the ref called a foul on Anthony who restored US pride by halftime with nine point lead.

The mighty Americans thought the game would be over by second quarter but the Argentinians keep hanging on. As usual, their talent and physical power overwhelmed the South Americans. Carmelo " The Brat" Anthony came in looking for a fight but thankfully got restrained by Jason Kidd. He got embarrassed several times by Scola. Great job Mr.Kidd! Now, there's no question USA IS NOW THE OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!! The world order was restored.

Another Espn writer plays the race card to get the hits.

Don't use sports to press racial and political agendas. It's disgusting! As far as I'm whether black or white the world wants Team USA then to be beaten because of their arrogance. The world hated their arrogance. This 2008 Team USA is more gracious than their past counterparts. Before the 2004 Olympics, Carmelo Anthony guaranteed the US is going to win the gold medal - many basketball fans were appalled at his arrogance and total lack of respect to his opponents. I was happy that team got beaten esp. by Puerto Rico. Serves them right!

This is the "bonus medal" an exasperated sports fan from gave to some sports officials of a certain Christian country in Asia. I don't recall any that fits that description but if you add Christian in name only I know one.

With the U.S. victory, many sports fans in the country were happy (Team USA basketball only - the only thing that mattered to Filipino fans - not swimming) relieving them of the pain of another painful Olympics. For the third Olympics in a row, the country laid an egg in the games.

Recah Trinidad:

Anyway, with the early successive fall and failure of RP athletes, there came text messages wondering what Peping Cojuangco, the No. 1 Filipino official who’s a special guest here, was up to?

Last Monday, Cojuangco was seen with two lovely teeners, said to be his grandchildren, during the USA-Germany basketball match.

Wearing the official Philippine shirt, Cojuangco was observed enjoying every minute of the action, even making kuyakoy—the lullaby rocking of the foreleg—at courtside.


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