Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Eight pounds overweight

Some experts have been saying since time immemorial that the biggest problem in Philippine sports isn't budget but athletes' total lack of discipline and initiative. This report corroborates their statement if the Chinese coach is to be believed.

While Joseph was upbeat in assessing the future for swimming, he came down hard on diving. He spared divers Sheila Mae Perez and Ryan Fabriga, who both bombed out in Beijing, and vented his ire on Chinese coach Zhang Deju.

It was Zhang who lashed out at Perez and Fabriga before the Olympics for their “lack of discipline.” Zhang called Perez “hard-headed” and castigated Fabriga for reporting eight pounds over his diving weight.

Perez and Zhang disagreed on the extent of difficulty to undertake in the three-meter springboard. She wound up 23rd of 30. Fabriga appeared too chunky for comfort and finished 28th of 30 in the 10-meter platform.

Joseph said Zhang’s disparaging pre-competition comments, widely ventilated in media, demoralized and devastated the Filipino divers. He described Zhang’s tirade as “below the belt.”

Most posters however agreed with the Chinese coach.

There's nothing wrong in admonishing your athlete for being overweight. This is the Olympics and not some backyard sportsfest Mr. Joseph! Divers need to be slim to reduce splash. If that's the message you want to send our swimmers and divers, then your Olympic dream will remain as such ... a dream!

Another comment:
DISCIPLINE ! it is not in the pinoy's athlete vocabulary..that is why we always lose..athletes need to be discipline not pampered ..if a foreign coach castigates our athletes our local coaches always come to the defense of our athletes..why?

Sheila Perez - Good luck in the future I hope you know what you're doing

It is better not to get a coach if an athlete thinks, he or she is better than him! Tsk. For years, I've read newspaper accounts of talented Filipino athletes fighting with their coaches esp. if the latter ask for higher standards. How unfortunate.

We are not just dealing with a simple coach here but a world-class one - Zhang trained China's first diving gold medalist Gao Min in the 1980s. He knows what it takes to win - too bad the athletes don't get it. If the coach is pushing an athlete hard, he probably sees a potential winner. Tsk.

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