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Usain Bolt - "cocky" (like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Stephon Marbury, Dwayne Wade...blah blah blah)


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Comment from rpsboyz - the usual cocky Jamaicans rant

Has anyone else noticed how cocky and arrogant the Jamaica runners are when they win a race? Talk about poor winners.

Reply from AlMan4242

rpsboyz, the Jamaicans are just as cocky and arrogant AFTER they win a race as the Americans are BEFORE they lose a race.

Notice LeBron James' face everytime he makes a powerful dunk at the game against Australia last night? Enough of the double standards! By the way it only makes LBJ older than he actually is!

Who wouldn't be happy right? This must be the first time Jamaica could compete with the United States on level ground and they are winning. For years, they have to put up with steroid powered athletes coming from the U.S. Now it is their time to shine, so to speak.

Comments section reveal what people are really thinking since their identity are concealed. There are more anti-Bolt comments (amidst the array of sex ads) in

"Is it just me or does Usain Bolt look just like T.O. He has that same annoying swagger and one-upmanship. He is also completely classless and it is a shame that he broke the great Johnson's record. The record should belong to someone with class. Bolt is the opposite of what the olympics are about. The olympics are about the joy of competition, it is not right to show up your fellow athletes."

"christiano get real jumping around like an #### and posing in front of the record time gee .phelps was involved in seven world records and 1 olympic record and not once did he act like bolt. Pumping the fist ,slapping the chest,raising the one all in class but bolt just showed me the true meaning of a
M_O_N_K_E_Y" jtdf - poster

Another Bolt is monkey comment from Fox Sports members. These internet toughies are disgusting.

I saw Phelps pump his fist in his team's victory over France at a relay - I didn't think he was cocky (the American was ecstatic after a close win). Why is Bolt being singled out now? Is it because of the race thing again or he tends to threaten Phelps dominance of the spotlight in the US press? (C'mon you think Phelps saved the Olympics? Cycling saved the Games for the British. Other countries concentrate on their own winners! It saved the Olympics for them. Get real.)

Only in America where Phelps and Bolt are being compared to each other! lol

Bolt doing his usual thing. UNBELIEVABLE. Another day another World Record. Congratulations!

If Bolt is an American, I'm sure none of the cocky rant would come out - some fans will even justify it as normal celebration like what Team USA is doing - dunking and making faces afterwards. It is a fundamental rule in Basketball that after making a spectacular, monstrous dunk it is imperative the dunker should contort his face like he smelled someone else's fungi-infested foot or like he is about to cry


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