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I have covered this before but I'm glad I got a confirmation

Boys Nxt Door is a defunct GMA teen-oriented show that was screened in Korea. It was shown on KBS Drama (a cable channel) at 1:20 AM every Sunday (as confirmed by this sked).
Based on the schedule, the show's last episode aired on July 6, 2008.

Just like in Taiwan, Korean television companies want to broaden their perspective, welcoming TV shows from other countries beside traditional powers China, Japan and the United States.

If you can read Hangul, this is the report and the English news from Junior Herald:

There are many foreign dramas and sitcoms airing on Korean television networks, entertaining and capturing the eyes of many Koreans. Although there are just so many of them playing in various channels, there is not enough variety in terms of their *origin. This is because they usually are from the U.S., Japan, and China. Therefore, it seems like we are not getting enough *diversity because those three large drama exporters are obviously not the only foreign countries that have fun, interesting dramas.

However, good news for foreign drama lovers, the first Philippine drama began airing on KBSN, a cable channel, on May 11. Called Boys Nxt Door,the drama is an award-winning sitcom and one of the most loved sitcoms for youth. It first *premiered on Jun. 24, 2007 in the Philippines and ended on Jan. 13, 2008.

It is still an achievement for a Philippine network to export series to a more developed country. This phenomenon is rare as in most cases, it is the other way around (rich countries' cultural content sold to poor ones).

The series isn't really that great so I didn't bother to watch it. Most likely it is full of cliches and other superficial stuff common in Manila teen shows. I wonder if GMA could make another sale after this. Hopefully, it could. Why did I say that? Well, the series most likely flopped after all no Korean teenager would stay up that late - but I hope I'm wrong.

Congratulations though to GMA Marketing for successfully selling this series abroad (it is also aired in Malaysia).

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