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love of my life

Kanzaki Hiroto (Kamenashi Kazuya)is the son of a shipyard owner who took over the family business after his father committed suicide. The shipyard is deteriorating financially and add to his woes are his sickly brother and weird mother. Ever resourceful, Hiroto earns extra money by fishing together with his friends on a nearby dam. In one of their trips, some girl bumped into him dropping all of his catch. The girl (Haruka Ayase) refused to apologize and fretted about her wet clothes instead. After some prodding from the girl's best friend she apologized, however Hiroto left disgusted anyway.

As his friends were cleaning up the mess, they were mistaken as students of a prestigious boys' university and were invited to a social gathering of an all-girls university. Not even attending college, they decided to go anyway and persuaded Hiroto to come.

At the party, Hiroto was busy collecting girls' phone number with the no intention of calling them back - it was his way of getting back at rich girls who (for him) loved to play around.

It was at the party when Hiroto met the girl again. He asked her if it was fate for them to meet again (again not serious - he thought rich girls were playing and so would he). The girl never took it seriously and became concerned when she apparently lost her bag. He found the bag. They find themselves talking by the pool side when a wayward firecracker came unto them. The girl was surprised and lost her balance. Seeing her about to fall into the pool, Hiroto tried to save her.
He saved her...not. Both fell into the pool. Their feelings were being awakened. Unfortunately for Hiroto, the girl turns out to be Tsukioka Nao, daughter of a rich jeweler. This is the start of their tragedy.

As a Filipino, poor boy- rich girl vice versa love affair is a staple in local television. Why should we watch this when we are so used to this storytelling formula? You may ask. Yes, I know your concerns after all this kind of story dominates Manila-based networks since TIME IMMEMORIAL. I'm surprised the Japanese tackled the subject (its intrigue appeals worldwide). As usual they made it their way.

I like the drama - the treatment of the story and the characterization of the people around the two "star-crossed" lovers are unbelievably realistic. NO HISTRIONICS. NO EVIL CHARACTER. NO FIVE-MINUTE CRYING FEST BY THE FEMALE LEAD. Just people protecting their loved ones and people loving each other. Is it possible for a series not to have a villain? Yup, in fact if you were in their position you would do what some of the characters did for the sake of their family. The series is remarkably simple but heartwarming.

The drama is known as Tatta Hitotsu No Koi in Japanese and translated as Just One Love or Love of My Life.

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