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There are so many stories in our country - the only problem with these "creative" people in the country are they looking outside instead of inside, for they look down on Non-Tagalog speaking people preferring to present a second rate version of other country's works. But we don't care. IF they don't, then other more capable people would...like these Kapampangan youth. Hurray for the KAPAMPANGAN YOUTH!!

To the knowledge of most Filipinos, only Manila has the capability of producing teleseryes in the country, while all other dramas must have been produced by Koreans, Americans, Japanese, Mexicans, or Chinese.

But did you know that in other regions, Pinoy TV dramas are also being produced and are even employing the use of non-Tagalog languages like Cebuano? With the cultural fervor sweeping the regions, one could only be reminded that the Philippines—amidst the institutionalized belief that this archipelago only speaks Tagalog as its language while the rest are mere “dialects”—is, indeed, a diverse country, and that its diversity is bound to extend even to the field of TV dramas.

Take for example the Kapampangans, the latest Filipino ethnolinguistic group to enter the field of teleserye production. This August, which is considered the Language Month, a Kapampangan cable channel (Infomax-8) and a creative pool of Kapampangan youth (Kalalangan Kamaru) will be launching K├ílam, the first ever Kapampanganovela—the term introduced to refer to kabalen-produced TV dramas—in Philippine broadcasting history.


It is the Kapampangan youth spearheading this renewed cultural fervor. I'm jealous at them (the Ilonggo youth are hibernating at the moment). They are so motivated, creative and proud of their heritage. I wish them Good Luck! Hope their people would embrace their own.

There used to be an Il drama on free TV but now it is only available in cable. I'm confident that upon learning this Ilonggo youth will also be re-energized and lead in the development of our own culture like in the late 90s with Angelina. We need a revival!

In a country of diverse language and culture the best thing Manila-based writers could come up is to remake Korean dramas (yuck). They admit their creativity, the lack thereof hehehe - stick to ULENGLENG AND THE SEVEN MAIDS -whatever the shows were called. Bwahahaha...

opening video of Kalam

The Kapampangan series' advantage is its very Filipino and based on ancient beliefs and tradition of our country not a bad mix of someone else's culture. It is time for the diversity of our country to be presented in the small screen.

closing credits with English subs

I hope they sub the entire series in English and make its torrent available so it could be uploaded to video streaming sites and gain some recognition. Not just here but abroad esp. to Filipinos overseas who want to know about regional cultures in the country. The series has limitations of course but if one is used to watching indie movies, there'll be no problem. Just enjoy the ride and support the endeavor, cheers!

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