Sunday, July 13, 2008


Watch this cute opening parody of Bleach. The chibi versions of the famous anime characters Ichigo and Rukia are very KAWAII. The credit goes to Shinobu from Newgrounds for creating this funny piece. The creative anime openings and endings are unmatched even by their American counterparts.

The original version

The first time I watched Bleach I was blown away by the opening and the song. I liked it so much I would replay the DVD player again and again so I could listen to the track "Asterisk" by Orange Range - which unconfirmed reports said became No. 1 song in Japan for twenty weeks! Man I enjoyed it even if I don't understand it.

the music video with English subs

Kudos to my brother who encouraged me to write more about anime! Our bonding time consists mostly of anime marathon and feeling stoned after hours of watching hehe. By the way "rap metal" died a long time ago in the States - it is nice to see the genre is somewhat alive in Japan. Don't get me wrong Orange Range is a rock band but like Rivermaya they don't allow it to limit their musical expression. Enjoy the videos everyone!

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sonofaditch said...

mas tahum pa gid ang orange range nga opening theme sa Code Geass R2...