Wednesday, July 30, 2008


chicken breast and vegetables

Don't understand the question? Use the translator! Don't be arrogant.
Now you look like a freakin' fool. Learn to be humble, man!

the you-know man

It took Yao Ming two years to finally get rid of his translator in the NBA, to think he studied English in school. He waited two years before he thought he was confident enough to speak in English to the press (though he speaks the language with his teammates before).

At least, Rain is in the right direction. Some "learned" people in my country want the reverse - TAGALIZE everything because their concept of nationalism is skewed and shallow. Their basis of nationalism is your language - even the national hero wrote his greatest works in a foreign one - so what does that make him?

I have an English word for them "BACKWARD". Spare us. A Filipino is not a Barong Tagalog wearing guy that speaks like Balagtas, he is also a proud Moro prince with Kris on his side. Stop putting us in a little box - &^%%!

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