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This was a reaction to a stupid delusional reporting a la Fox News by Unchristian Science Monitor. The manipulation of data is revolting!!! Why do institutions that brand themselves as Christian aren't so Christian?

"What Japanese women want: a Western husband"--from the very title, I saw it as an old rehash of the, "Japanese women far prefer Western men, on balance, to the domestic slag".

Even though the statistics above, if you pull them apart, note that around 93% of the international marriages in Japan (of those listed--there are many countries not mentioned. The CSM has not even bothered to include an "remaining nationalities" column to give us the grand total) are to Asians, such as Koreans and Chinese. And of J women to F Asians, 72% of all mentioned. Thus the article's focus is on a minority trend indeed.
The article even brought up the old, long-since forgotten optimal marriagable age of 25 (ask people under thirty nowadays if they know "Christmas Cake" in conjugal terms--most, to my surprise, don't!). Out of touch.

Moreover the focus on Japanese women (despite the 2003 stats showing that they account for only 30% of the international marriage total mentioned) plays into the old hackneyed accounts of Japanese women seeking comfort outside Japan--complete with tired statements about unhelpful Japanese men (wheel in obscure (female) Japanese sociologist or rural government bureaucrat of unknown position to back up the reporter's claims). The clear majority of international marriages, even though they are J men to F women, are merely something, the article insinuates, that the country bumpkins do--to the less-well-off non-White foreigners. As if that doesn't count. This attitude is patently offensive.

About time that the Western reporters realize they truly are marginal players in Japan's big foreigner pool (of the nearly 2 million registered foreigners in Japan, only around 100,000 are, for example, Americans--and more than half of those are active-duty US military and their unregistered dependants consigned to bases). There are more South Americans in Japan now than Americans or Europeans. At least try to update your stereotypes. For Full SCIENTIFIC rebuttal
The Charisma Men

This rebuttal is a slap in the face to any Western guys having Charisma guy syndrome. They think they are cute but most Japanese women think of them as sex-hungry perverts. Christian Science Monitor isn't a credible media organization at all! Some writer.

Japanese Women Marrying Foreign Men

Koreas 2,235
China 890
Phil. 117
Thai. 62
USA 1,529
U.K. 334
Brazil 265
Peru 125
Other 2,601

Source: 2003 Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare

More Japanese women marry other Asians than the overly-hyped Western aka Charisma man. So Japanese women aren't crazy over them as they like to believe. I call it the CHARISMA MAN BUBBLE BURST - reality check! Major OWNAGE EVERYONE! Hehehe...

Simple explanation, most Japanese women are financially well-off. They don't need sugar daddies haha.

Wait a minute...117 Filipino men married Japanese women in 2003. Well the only thing the Filipino men could offer is love. Guess their beloved women got the message. Good for them! YOSH! One...two...three Filipino...Filipino...Filipino! When you belong to a race of great lovers it will shine through. Right Pepe?

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