Sunday, July 6, 2008


MEEEhANNY NOOOOO! There goes my 15 minutes of fame I guess! - Billy The Goat

Diaz, a big Chicago Cubs fan, was told that there would be a goat on hand, that it would represent the famous curse of the goat that Cubs fans often point to as the reason their team has been generally worthless for the last 500 years, and that, were he to win the fight, the curse of the goat would be off.

The problem was, Diaz wasn't told this until minutes before the
goat was brought out. Wanting no part of this kind of pressure and muttering the name Steve Bartman, Diaz headed for the men's room.

In his absence, Pacquiao welcomed the
goat, smiled broadly, petted the animal and uttered the immortal words: "Goat is my favorite food"

Apparently, real Chicagoans take their curses seriously. Diaz, who was born a half-mile from Wrigley Field, is not about to tempt fate. Especially when his team is going so well.

"I said, 'Get that
goat away from me,' " Diaz said. "I know all about the Curse of the Billy Goat. I don't want to be near that thing."

Pacquiao had a solution to squash Diaz's fears.

"We should eat it," he said jokingly.

So it would be Caldereta then? Oh look at Manny intensely staring at the goat.

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