Friday, July 25, 2008


brotherly love - Canada vs USA

Exhibit A.

Canadian fans won't soon forget the opening ceremony, however, where the Canadian flag was initially not displayed along side the American and English standards. The sold-out crowd booed the U.S. anthem and then proceeded to roar through an a cappella version of "O, Canada."

That passion might have been a bit too much for MLS execs, who hurriedly got a Canadian flag onto the field, played the anthem and then kicked off the game.

Exhibit B

On October 18th, during the pre-game ceremony for the second game of the 1992 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves, a U.S. Marine Corps colour guard mistakenly presented the Canadian flag upside-down.

The Toronto Blue Jays went on to win the game 5-4 to even the series at one game each.

Exhibit A happened during the Major League Soccer All-Star game held in Canada today. It is the organizers fault (who are probably Canadians themselves). I wonder what really happened?

The explanation:

Instead of bringing the Canadian flag onto the field along with the American flag and the English flag (for the visitors from West Ham United), organizers waited until several minutes after the other two anthems were played to showcase the Maple Leaf, leading to an ugly scene as fans belted out O Canada and booed while the Star Spangled Banner was being played...for full story

I can't really blame the Canadian fans who probably traumatized by perceived slights from the Americans as what happened in '92 or maybe they are waiting for any opportunity to get back at their southern neighbor.

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