Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After every Manny's fight win or lose I just love to scour for more info on the guy - it would take a week before I get hold of myself. Replays? Boy I love watching it again and again - esp. Manny's victories! The only data I gather on the guy is boxing-related - I don't care about his personal life, his singing (wawawa -as Erik Morales noted of Pacman's singing). Save for good-natured ribbing I would never insult the Asian boxing legend. Okay, I think the storm has died down and its time for me to relax and savor the victory again and again.

My family felt bad when Manny lost to Erik Morales in their first fight. I sadly went to Philboxing.com but its banner energized me "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED" (taken from the poem Invictus). A sudden surge of pride overcame the sadness that I felt. I knew then that Manny would recover and represent the Philippines in the best possible manner again. Since boxing matches have a long break period usually three months - this is to give the warriors a time to recover - I thought Manny must win all his fights from know on for his importance to the national psyche is positive and immeasurable. Besides three months is such a long period to get over a defeat. My country needs him. He has remained victorious since then - thank God.

(The members of the Filipino intelligentsia scoff at him for his lack of English skills and his FILIPINO face. As you see ladies and gents it is a crime in this country to put a FILIPINO looking person on Philippine Television. It is the reason why most of our actors don't look like the rest of the population but Caucasians. There are handsome FILIPINO-LOOKING actors out there and they are slowly taking over.)

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