Monday, July 14, 2008


and the winner is...

Don't get me wrong I love beauty contests esp. Miss Universe. Where else can you find the most beautiful women packed in one place? This is every guy's dream and ultra-feminists' worst nightmare. Pressure from feminists in Sweden forced Ms. Sweden to bolt out of the competition last year. Even this year no contestant from Sweden was entered. Man, so this is autocracy now! I would have preferred it if Ms. Sweden backed out in her own volition and not to some pressure. Ms. Sweden is good enough to decide for herself right? I hate imposition of ideas. It only creates resistance.

If I don't agree with feminist does that mean I favor "denigrating" women? Of course not, this is not a zero-sum game. I live in a household of tough women from the first to the third generation. There is no greater feminist than my sister. Let the woman decide what's good for her. Therefore in my thinking if Ms. Sweden wants to participate good for her. If she doesn't go good for her too as long as she decides on what she really wants. Forcing ideas on other people is MEDIEVAL ERA type thinking! It will be women who will decide what's good for them and I will support them.

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