Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Unofficial video presentation of 2018 Manila Asian Games

Unlike the supposed Manila Olympic Games bid, this one is actually doable if you believe the Philippine Olympic Committee official who said so. I think some people were spurred by the fact that two other Southeast Asian nations are bidding to stage the event - Singapore and Vietnam.

However, the 2014 Asian Games was given to Incheon, Korea so the 2014 Manila Asian Games is erroneous.

Manila hosted the 1954 Asian Games and the country won 14 Golds 14 Silvers 17 Bronzes - its best performance EVER. The Asian Games has more events than the Olympics by the way. By 2012, the Olympics will have 26 sports in its line-up while the Asian Games by 2010 will have 42 including uniquely Asian sports like Sepak Takraw, Kabaddi, Dragon Boat racing and others. Not to mention, China dominates these games and the games only attract few guests (fewer than the Olympics). It doesn't make financial sense for us

Most likely, this is just another fanciful thinking from some people but it's okay, nothing wrong with that. I hope it won't get pushed so some people could get rich. At the moment, I'm contented with hosting the Southeast Asian Games.

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