Monday, September 1, 2008


Maradona's FOOTVOL copied perfectly by his heir apparent Messi

Footvol - is a new game derived from Football (with elements of Volleyball like spiking, hence the name) much like Futsal. This game much like football, but once the players are in the penalty box (the square box in the football field where the goalkeeper stays) smashing the ball with either hands is allowed. This game was originally invented by Diego Maradona during the 1986 World Cup semifinals against England. He called it "Hand of God" - the English later used this incident to cover up their inadequacies and the Argentinian spectacular second goal.

The game hasn't caught on until this week where it became in vogue.

this is the pirated and failed version of FOOTVOL -
Paul Scholes in UEFA Supercup few days ago

I've never seen a defender FOOTVOL before I'm glad it happened last night 0:51 of the video between Lecce and Torino

Unfortunately for the Scholes, he is no Maradona - which means he got carded and the goal was disallowed...LOL.

Here's Diego Maradona finishing England off in '86. Messi also did a move a la Diego in Primera liga. Enjoy the videos!

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