Saturday, September 6, 2008


This Sunday, I still can't make up my mind on what sporting event to watch. Will it be UFC 88 Breakthrough featuring Piccolo, I mean, Chuck Liddell versus Rashad Evans in the main event, or the mouthwatering match between two ring warriors Michael Katsidis and Juan Diaz? The problem with the UFC event is - it might turn into another overwhelming victory by Liddell unlike the Michael Katsidis (Australia) versus Juan Diaz fight (no disrespect meant to Rashad Evans. I know Mixed Martial Arts is unpredictable anything can happen).Though, the only thing I'm sure about the boxing match tomorrow is - it is going to be explosive. Both Katsidis and Diaz (United States) never back down, they are always aggressive. They seek to knock somebody out and would always press for action - that's the reason I said it is going to be a mouthwatering fight. Nowadays, it is rare for two gung-ho warriors to meet each other. But I must admit most boxers today are boring though some are technically sound in the game of sweet science. No matter what happens -I'll keep you my dear readers updated.

I see Katsidis getting cut again. He bleeds easily - sometimes his aggressive style backfires on him (see Katsidis vs Casamayor match - Katsidis was leading in the match but got cocky in the later rounds and was knocked out). Not to mention, his big mouth stirs hostility against him.

On the other hand, Juan Diaz was outsmarted by Nate Campbell in their last match. Campbell used all the tricks he had and came away with a victory.

Due to these losses, both of them were eliminated in the fictional race among lightweights to face Manny Pacquiao. Still in the running are Nate Campbell and Joel Casamayor - their technical style don't attract a huge following that's why these two won't meet anytime soon. Juan Manuel Marquez, who haughtily declared he beat Manny twice last week and Joan Guzman (aka Guzrun to disgruntled fans) are also candidates to date, I mean fight Manny. By the way, the four of them will meet each other next week: Guzman vs Campbell and Marquez vs Casamayor. Hard for some people to swallow reality, but these boxers are after MONEY Pacquiao - it is an undeniable fact in the lightweights.

Amir Khan put himself in the race but backed out after seeing Pacquiao vs Diaz fight months ago. He was scared or humbled, whichever you prefer by that HARROWING experience.

Because of its relevance, I think I will prioritize the boxing match first.
KABOOM and down she goes - daym! LOL

Iiiiiii beeeaaaath Mahneey twissseee wheere you at?

"Tee faiyt iz nut yeet ovah MAHney wher you goeng?
Here is JMM not knowing where on earth is his corner LOL

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On Marquez's comment: that's one of the after effects of receiving one too many punches in the head!

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