Friday, September 26, 2008


In a supreme example of a jealous coward, some clubhouse personnel has been spreading ugly rumors towards Ichiro on the press but not when the nihonjin is around. Rumor has it one of Ichiro Suzuki's "team mate" reportedly wants the "knock out" the Japanese 200-hit a year player. Pitcher JJ Putz and Marines Manager denied there ever was a confrontation.

The root of this conflict lies on the supposed belief of some players that Ichiro is more concerned on getting hits and padding his hits record than winning (Mariners had another 100-loss season! Baseball is a 120-game season) which doesn't make sense since to win a team needs to score more runs than the opposition. This is nothing but petty jealously. Worse the culprit has been hiding under the press' skirts and won't identify himself. Coward.

Ichiro sssssshh is a punk...sssh. He wants to score more runs for the team. What a selfish punk

"It's hard to comprehend that someone is looking at 200-plus hits and it's not helping the ballclub," he said. "It's seventh-grade mentality. It's pettiness, jealousy, pointing fingers, deflecting responsibility, lack of accountability, lack of character. People takes shots at people in the paper. You get a feeling for who those people are and you try to eliminate those people." Riggleman told the Associated Press.

The rats have been warned. If this is true, then speak up!!! Yeah I thought so...rat.

I hope Ichiro moves to better teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox or any team with a chance of winning the World Series.
I hate to be on a team with rats.

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