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Nate Campbell expressed his frustration over Joan Guzman's no-show in the fight on Sunday.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in Joan Guzman. So much went into this fight. My preparation, my time away from my family. So much. And for him to pull this stunt shows a complete lack of respect for the sport, the fans, the network, and myself. I wanted my pound of flesh. I wanted his “0″. I found out he had pulled out of the fight while on my way to the dressing room. I found out later that this nonsense had been going back and forth all day. He was gonna fight, he wasnt gonna fight, he was gonna fight, etc. Terry had kept me pretty insulated from most of it though, so I didnt know until on my way to the dressing room what was up. I really feel bad for the fans who came out, and for DKP, Showtime, and the Beau Rivage, who put so much effort into making this fight happen. Alot of money and effort went down the drain due to the unprofessional conduct of this ------."

Nate believes Guzman avoided him.

Guzman and his people made allegations against me regarding steroid use, yet it is Guzman who bulked up so much mass that he couldnt even make 135. And to get sympathy, they are claiming that he was throwing up blood. This is not a symptom of dehydration to make weight. Throwing up blood is a symptom of using too much diuretics. He didn’t even try to lose any weight after weighing 138.5 on his first try. He went back to his room and watched tv. And all this “rushed to the hospital” nonsense is just -------- spin from his people. They only took him to the hospital after the weigh-in because getting an IV is a quicker way to re-hydrate than naturally taking in fluids. But thats besides the point. This wasnt a case of someone getting the flu, or an injury during fight week. Those things legitimately happen sometimes. They knew at least 3 or 4 days ago that the weight was gonna be a problem. But instead of letting people know, and making another deal or something for the fight to move forward, they pulled this ---- at the last second. I’ve also heard a few stories saying that it was the doctor that pulled the plug on the fight. I don’t believe that is true. Terry asked the commissioner what his ruling was, and if it was medical related, or what. The commissioner told him “I advised the fighter of the consequences of not participating in the fight, and the fighter elected not to participate”. I even told them I didn’t care what he weighed. He could have came in at 160 for all I care. I just wanted that --- and that “0″. I’m very disappointed.

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Guzman claims he is the most avoided boxer in the world? Is it true?

He reportedly avoided a fight with Katsidis citing training injury (broken hand or as Nate said, broken nail). He supposedly avoided a 130-pound match with Arthur citing visa issues. And now avoided another fight with Campbell for health reasons. That's all I can say.

But Guzman is a dangerous fighter right?

Of course, he is dangerous to promoters and others involved in the boxing business because of his routine inability to fulfill contractual obligations (how many canceled fights this dude's involved with?)

Should Juan Manuel Marquez meet Nate Campbell next?

Yes, I hope so. This is another exciting lightweight match-up to decide who is the best lightweight in the world right now. Debate over this matter has sprung up over boxing forums all over the internet. As for Juan Diaz, he should wait his turn - that's the price he has to pay for losing to Nate. However, Campbell said he has an IBF mandatory fight against Funeka so hopefully Campbell - Marquez will materialize in the near future.
Joan is overweight!!!
Joan went to her room!!!
Joan coughed up blood!!!
Congratulations Pedro!!!

Pedro apologized.
Now he hates Joan.
Joan's life devastated
comment from

Joan can thank ------- for the massive groundswell of haters against him. For months, Pacquiao fans endured taunts from Guzman's camp insinuating Manny's afraid of him. They were the ones who started this mess. It has no basis of course. Manny met and beat the best there are and were in his division. In fact, Pacquiao will be taking on a boxer two-weight classes above him. How's that for courage (or foolhardiness whatever)?

Joan's fanboys also irritated Juan Manuel Marquez, and Nate Campbell. Guzman's initial tirades against Nate was uncalled for and he is now paying the price of his big mouth

Pacfans only DEFEND not INSTIGATE.

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