Saturday, September 13, 2008


Guzman vs Soto

Tomorrow will be another blockbuster day as two potentially exciting fights will take place: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Joel Casamayor and Joan (he's a guy) Guzman vs. Nate Campbell. At stake for Marquez and Casamayor is the Ring Magazine lightweight title while NONE for Guzman and Campbell. Guzman was three and a half pounds overweight earlier at weigh-in today (LOL) so all three lightweight titles (WBA, WBO & IBF) are safe in Campbell's hands unless he loses the match tomorrow and it will be declared vacant. Not that it matters since I'm more interested in Marquez-Casamayor match. These fights have the tendency to become a sleep fest knowing the boxers involved (smart and technically sound ring warriors) but I hope somebody will get knocked out tomorrow. I really do.

In reality, I think I'm dreaming that knock outs will occur, but who knows right? These fights have the potential to be fight of the year but it depends on the boxers. I'm speaking as a fan of course.

OBJECTIVE PICKS (Mind, disinterested observation)
Campbell via unanimous decision
Casamayor via split decision (taking to account the Sta. Ana fight)

Personal (Heart, Boxers I want to win)
Campbell via unanimous decision
Marquez via split decision

Guzrun (as his detractors call him, generated many enemies due to his mouth and his number no.1 fanboy / lover named Pedro the bogus boxer) blew his chance of fighting for a world title thanks to his lack of discipline - three and a half pounds overweight - that's a lot in boxing. Even if he has a trainer, shouldn't he watch himself too?

Not that Campbell's decision-making skills are perfect. As one poster in Youtube said, "He is Amir Khan's best mate" LOL

"Unlike her, I actually try and do my mandatories, and not "forget" to get my visa to get out of the fight. And didn't she sign for a fight with Katsidis, only to break a nail or something and pull out? And she is questioning my willingness to fight? That's a laugh. My message to Joanie is this: Chill out." This is Campbell reacting to diatribes thrown at him by Joan Guzman (the Latino instigated the Word War first).

I just want to see just how good Casamayor will be against an intelligent counterpuncher like Marquez. Unlike Katsidis, who pressed the fight against Casa despite leading in the scorecards and getting KO'd in the process, Marquez won't do that - he's too smart for that. I think he will wear down Casamayor and frustrate him with his counterpunching. This fight will be decided by the judges and it will be close. If this goes to the judges, pray that the right decision be handed. (Remember Casamayor vs. Santa Cruz? Most experts thought Santa Cruz won as the guy really boxed well but the judges scored it for Casa - the crowd booed both Casa and the judges.)

I have featured Juan Manuel Marquez and Casa videos often its time to give the other boxers the chance.

Sources: - Guzman's overweight - Campbell's statement

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