Saturday, September 13, 2008


Make it two GK. In this video, the GK scored to tie the game!

9:50 pm This is a live blog read from the bottom up ok? Its fun doing this. The game's all hype. It has been fun. I'll do this in another "El Classico" type match. TV pundits are talking about the game trying to put a microscope on every little thing that happened. YAWN. I've got to go.

9:45 pm Just finished dinner
Game over. LOLERPOOL wins 2-1. I saw one disturbing moment in this match. On the 84th minute Rafa Benitez was shaking his booty for some reason. I thought I discovered who the guy in Barney suit is. It turns out he was telling his player that he won't be replaced. Tell that to the touchline official man. Nice booty shake beats Beyonce LOL. Derbatov just got a reality check though he just arrived. Good luck to him in his English football career.

Another LOL moment. Man Utd GK Van Der Sar joined in the last-ditch attempt to score a goal. It didn't materialize. I only saw one game in which the GK joined in the Corner Kick attack and scored. It happened in South America and the GK scored a header!

9:26 pm I'm having dinner - fried chicken.

9:24 pm I'm going to concentrate on the game now.

9:22 pm 76th Babel scored. It is 2-1 for LOLERPOOL!

9:19 pm The crowd started singing again after screaming their lungs out!

9:18 pm Some Man U fan called Liverpool LOLERPOOL. LOL

9:16 pm 69 min. Man Utd corner kick failed. Baldy GK of Liverpool saved a shot. The resulting corner produced nothing. Benitez taking down notes as he usually has for years.

9:14 pm 67th minute Gerrard's on as if He mattered. We'll see.

9:12 pm 65th minute The crowd is singing awfully. They are probably bored like me.

9:09 pm 63rd minute - Some Man Utd player took a piss lol. Sorry, I'm bored maybe he went to the locker room.

9:06 pm 60th minute The hype's exposed. The game's boring. There is lack of creativity with some players resorting to long range shots. Liverpool - Luckypool

8:50 pm Second half begins.

8:37 pm There are some sectors in England that want to limit foreigners as I've wrote in my blog before I'm watching the EPL because of these talented imports. I don't have any special loyalty towards English football. If that happens, I'll just switch leagues.
The score is 1 a piece with Manchester United players scoring all the goals.

8:36 pm Half-time.

8:34 pm 45th minute - The game's getting boring.

8:14 pm Wes Brown on the 27th minute scored an own goal. Liverpool is such a lucky team! There was a defensive mix-up on Manchester Utd. penalty box! Score: 1-1

7:57 pm It has been a very long time since I watched an EPL derby live such as this. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity. So far Manchester United is leading 1-0 with 9 minutes on the clock. I decided to finish the Australia - New Zealand rugby match so I missed the opening minutes
. I've got to go.

Teves scored on the 3rd minute.

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