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Steve Bunce taking potshots against U.S. boxing id...commentators. No butt-kissing here.

Joaquin "Quinito" Henson is one of the best and most objective sports writers in the country. He also happens to be one of the most courageous. He took on the establishment recently when he lashed out on the Philippine National Youth Coach (for what he calls treason) for leaving his wards while a tournament was on-going. Other so-called sports writers kept quiet fearing backlash, preferring instead to dish out propaganda and taking on the "government". In this country, nobody defends government actions in sports anyway. My respect for Henson grew even more (for I already admired him when I was young). I remembered when he defended Manny from outrageous attacks from crabs and jealous people putting Pacquiao down after the boxer's close win against Marquez. It was a classic rebuttal.

Now, he is in the limelight again for calling someone to task. He is a relief from too much butt-kissing in sports media today.

What La Salle is all about

Today, he admitted his error on calling the coach's action as "treason".

Perhaps, it was also an error in my judgment to call Pumaren’s departure from Tehran an act of treason. Pumaren and I go back a long way and I’ve never known him to be unpatriotic. I hope Pumaren and the La Sallian community accept my admission.

He also regretted to being the cause for dividing his community:

I regret being a cause of dissension within the La Sallian community but as a writer, there are obligations I must honor, sometimes at the risk of creating enmity. I only hope that I am more understood and less chastised for taking positions which may appear to be contrary to my school’s interests.

In fact, I am most proud when trying to discern what is right and what is wrong, beyond school partisan interests, because that is something I attribute to my La Sallian education as a Christian gentleman.

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La Salle is a school that "endeavors to develop Christian men and women who are committed to excellence, competent in their professions, and actively involved in the service of the fellow men towards a more peaceful, just and humane Filipino society"

Henson was just doing what he was taught in school. Funny, he turned out to be the real La Sallian.

Why is there a dissension? If we are on the same wavelength, there wouldn't be any. If we all believe the country's the top priority and others are only secondary - there should not be any dissension at all.

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