Thursday, September 18, 2008


the controversial video

"The Star Spangled Banner’s going on right now and I don’t celebrate that [expletive]. I’m black"

This unintelligent stunt (to put it mildly) embroiled Josh Howard (J.Ho) of the Dallas Mavericks into controversy. It has become fashionable in the land of the free and the home of the brave to do stupid things with the camera on so BWAHAHA what a ---- ---. It just so happens most Americans believe the lyrics of the song and sing it with all of their heart (whether in tune or not it doesn't matter. No Spanish version tolerated). They love it so much that coming from their own it must be a huge shock! Now, he is being bashed both by some racists and his own people (read Youtube comments).

Nice J. Ho. Keep up the good work!

Keeping it in the 'hood bro! Daym you're stupid!

Here is Josh Howard's side of the story:

Few weeks ago, two NBA rookies were caught allegedly with women and smoking pot in their hotel room during the NBA Rookie Orientation program. Though they apologized the players denied drug use. The NBA doesn't need these controversies right now after the league is still reeling from the Tim Donaghy officiating scandal. It does reflect on the NBA whether we like it or not for Howard works and represents that institution. For objectivity's sake it doesn't have to be, but perception is all that matters most of the time and most people know Josh Howard as a NBA player.

Josh Howard admits NBA players smoke Marijuana - an echo of Dennis Rodman's statement a long time ago.

Wherever there's money, there's drugs, so to say drugs don't exist in the NBA would be stupid.

Back in the days of the Metropolitan Basketball Association, Matt Mitchell, an American, was booted out of the country for dancing while the Philippine national anthem is being played. Recalling the incident make me want to reconsider the answer to my earlier post.

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