Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm glad this is not another "The Greatest" hyperbole their press is known for in branding performances.

Theo Walcott is an English football player who earned national approbation for scoring three goals in England's 4-1 victory over Croatia in a World Cup qualifying game weeks ago. A commentator from Espn said he is being build up by the overly optimistic English media again:

All of a sudden we are forced to endure countless tabloid articles about how good he was at school, his preferred breakfast or what his other half's favourite soap is. It is arguably what we in Britain do better than anywhere else on earth. Build them up, build them up, build them up ... wait until he shanks a pen in the quarter-finals of the World Cup then dismantle the kid like he was a sideboard from Ikea. Then it'll be wasted talent this, WAG-obsessed that and before you know it he'll be drinking white spirit and begging outside White Hart Lane...

It's true - the same media singing praises to this young talent will the same ones which will rail him on his future failure esp. at the World Cup. The guy is talented alright but the English media has to temper their expectations. They can't handle disappointment very well. Their ruthlessness comes out every defeat. More so if they consider their opponent as beneath them. To their press, England is never beaten by the strong team just a lucky one LOL. I hope Theo doesn't swallow these sweet words easily as it has a painful catch. What is it? Ask David Beckham.

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