Sunday, September 7, 2008


Prescott destroys Amir Khan

Funny, yesterday I was contemplating on what sports event to watch. Due to unforeseen events, can you believe I wasn't able to watch one LOL? So I can't give you - my beloved readers - my take on what happened today. I know the results but I would like to watch it myself before making an assessment (UFC 88 and Diaz-Katsidis). I guess I will watch some replays. GEE!

Amir Khan proves his doubters right by getting knocked out by Breidis Prescott in...Round 1. Many Sky PPV buyers were pissed, of course, but what could they do Khan got hit. I don't want to say that Khan is overhyped but I will anyway. HE is OVERHYPED. He was a skilled amateur boxer - winning silver in Athens Olympics. His professional career started well and was making a lot of noise by beating one patsy after another and his cocky and big-mouthed attitude a la Naseem Hussein also helped publicity-wise. Despite being unproven yet, Khan had the gall to challenge Manny and Nate Campbell. The British press were just too happy to pull his leg.

Warning signs appeared during his last fight against his first "world class" foe Michael Gomez but the Brit recovered from his Irish opponent and won. This time Breidis Prescott never gave him a chance and pulverized the noisy Brit down in just 54 seconds. Two massive head shots decked Khan initially. The fight was continued until Prescott hit the Brit with another left finishing his opponent off. Prescott answered the commentator's question - he is DANGEROUS! VAMOS PRESCOTT!

As one Philboxing forumer said: I KHAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Manny Pacquiao Khan't Be Beat - my response to Frank Warren's hype of Amir.

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