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Does it look like this?

Terror is gripping residents of haciendas in Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana, Negros Occidental, following the reported existence of a man-sized creature, who recently attacked two residents and disemboweled animals in the area.

Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar reported to Mayor Alberto Nicor and the police that they were separately attacked by a “hairy creature with long nails”, on Monday and Tuesday nights in Cabungbungan, Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana.

Aguilar who was able to escape from the creature, was treated at the La Castellana Emergency Clinic for scratches on different parts of his body, police said.


Last Recorded Attack

The latest victim was identified as Eric Lasita who said he was attacked by the dark hairy creature Sunday night in Hacienda Cabubungan 3, Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana.

Although shocked by the sudden appearance of the creature who jumped on him, Lasita managed to hack the “amomongo” several times with a samurai.

Lasita and his brother-in-law, Mike, were among the residents patrolling the barangay, when the hairy creature attacked him.

SPO1 Emelito Pechon, La Castellana PNP Desk Officer, yesterday said barangay residents told them the injured creature was reported to have fled towards Hacienda Minnesota , and bloodstains were seen along its withdrawal route.

Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar sustained long scratches in their bodies after they were also attacked by what they described as a dark hairy creature with red eyes and long nails on June 9 and 10 in the same place.

Disemboweled animals owned by 13 residents in the barangay were also found last month.


Orangutan and Gorillas are not endemic in the Philippines so these two are ruled out. Nothing has been heard from the "creature" since. Other countries have this alleged "ape-like" creature too known as Big Foot in North America or Yeti in the Himalayas.

It does look like someone I know...hmmm.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


chicken breast and vegetables

Don't understand the question? Use the translator! Don't be arrogant.
Now you look like a freakin' fool. Learn to be humble, man!

the you-know man

It took Yao Ming two years to finally get rid of his translator in the NBA, to think he studied English in school. He waited two years before he thought he was confident enough to speak in English to the press (though he speaks the language with his teammates before).

At least, Rain is in the right direction. Some "learned" people in my country want the reverse - TAGALIZE everything because their concept of nationalism is skewed and shallow. Their basis of nationalism is your language - even the national hero wrote his greatest works in a foreign one - so what does that make him?

I have an English word for them "BACKWARD". Spare us. A Filipino is not a Barong Tagalog wearing guy that speaks like Balagtas, he is also a proud Moro prince with Kris on his side. Stop putting us in a little box - &^%%!


Christian Bale, the controversial star of the new "Batman" film, which weighs good and evil, said Tuesday he saw some truth in the evil logic of the film's villain the Joker.

In "The Dark Knight," which shattered box-office records in the United States, the late Heath Ledger plays the Joker, who questions whether Batman is ready to kill a villain like him in order to save thousands of others.

"The thing about the Joker that's so good is that he's an agent of chaos and destruction and claims that these are the only two things he can trust and believe in," Bale said at a news conference in Tokyo to promote the film.

The Joker "mocks society's idea of order without having any faith in order. There is a certain amount of truth to what he says, and he's incredibly intelligent," the Welsh-born star said.

"He really knows how to get underneath Batman's skin to the point where he is questioning his own ethic."

Bale was arrested last week for allegedly attacking his own mother and sister in a London hotel after the film's opening in the British capital.

Bale, who frowned throughout the Tokyo news conference and rarely looked up when answering questions, declined to discuss the arrest, replying tersely: "It's a private matter."


Another Hollywood star drunk with too much fame. Hollywood Freaks. If he wants people to concentrate on the film and not his actions then he should've thought of that earlier. You want a routine press conference avoid doing silly things beforehand.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


the cast

There are so many stories in our country - the only problem with these "creative" people in the country are they looking outside instead of inside, for they look down on Non-Tagalog speaking people preferring to present a second rate version of other country's works. But we don't care. IF they don't, then other more capable people these Kapampangan youth. Hurray for the KAPAMPANGAN YOUTH!!

To the knowledge of most Filipinos, only Manila has the capability of producing teleseryes in the country, while all other dramas must have been produced by Koreans, Americans, Japanese, Mexicans, or Chinese.

But did you know that in other regions, Pinoy TV dramas are also being produced and are even employing the use of non-Tagalog languages like Cebuano? With the cultural fervor sweeping the regions, one could only be reminded that the Philippines—amidst the institutionalized belief that this archipelago only speaks Tagalog as its language while the rest are mere “dialects”—is, indeed, a diverse country, and that its diversity is bound to extend even to the field of TV dramas.

Take for example the Kapampangans, the latest Filipino ethnolinguistic group to enter the field of teleserye production. This August, which is considered the Language Month, a Kapampangan cable channel (Infomax-8) and a creative pool of Kapampangan youth (Kalalangan Kamaru) will be launching Kálam, the first ever Kapampanganovela—the term introduced to refer to kabalen-produced TV dramas—in Philippine broadcasting history.


It is the Kapampangan youth spearheading this renewed cultural fervor. I'm jealous at them (the Ilonggo youth are hibernating at the moment). They are so motivated, creative and proud of their heritage. I wish them Good Luck! Hope their people would embrace their own.

There used to be an Il drama on free TV but now it is only available in cable. I'm confident that upon learning this Ilonggo youth will also be re-energized and lead in the development of our own culture like in the late 90s with Angelina. We need a revival!

In a country of diverse language and culture the best thing Manila-based writers could come up is to remake Korean dramas (yuck). They admit their creativity, the lack thereof hehehe - stick to ULENGLENG AND THE SEVEN MAIDS -whatever the shows were called. Bwahahaha...

opening video of Kalam

The Kapampangan series' advantage is its very Filipino and based on ancient beliefs and tradition of our country not a bad mix of someone else's culture. It is time for the diversity of our country to be presented in the small screen.

closing credits with English subs

I hope they sub the entire series in English and make its torrent available so it could be uploaded to video streaming sites and gain some recognition. Not just here but abroad esp. to Filipinos overseas who want to know about regional cultures in the country. The series has limitations of course but if one is used to watching indie movies, there'll be no problem. Just enjoy the ride and support the endeavor, cheers!

Monday, July 28, 2008


SONA Fashionistas - the "mother look"
SONA reactions - 50 cent reduction look!

the respected statesman look and professional claque

Whatever look (don't mess with him. He'll stick his tongue out!)

"Down with the government!"

Constituents "pobre" look. "We are a rich country pretending to be poor!"

Sunday, July 27, 2008


courtesy of

(12:09pm MST) 2:05 of the eleventh round, underdog Antonio Margarito (unafraid of anyone unlike Mayweather) thrashed Miguel Cotto. Margarito's relentless pressure and body-punching was too much for Cotto who considerably slowed down as the fight went on. Congratulations Antonio Margarito!

Wow, Antonio Margarito did it through pure determination and non-stop body punching.
This must be the upset of the year! Few people gave Margarito a chance but he believed in himself, worked hard and won - job well-done.

Saturday, July 26, 2008



Reality vs Fantasy


Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito


Aj Banal vs Concepcion - support Philippine boxing! Good luck AJ!

For Filipinos Abroad:

CEBU CITY -- The 'Laban na Banal' boxing event which will explode tonight at the Cebu Coliseum here will be beamed live by giant broadcasting network ABS-CBN on The Filipino Channel (TFC) except in North America, ABS-CBN Vice-President Peter Musngi informed the media during last Thursday's presscon at the Waterfront Hotel.

TFC is also available in the Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

The event, which will feature Filipino ring sensation AJ 'Bazooka' Banal against Rafael Concepcion of Panama for the WBA superfly interim title, will also be shown on Studio 23 starting at 7:30 p.m. tonight and will be replayed over Channel 2 starting at 9:45 a.m. on tomorrow.



love of my life

Kanzaki Hiroto (Kamenashi Kazuya)is the son of a shipyard owner who took over the family business after his father committed suicide. The shipyard is deteriorating financially and add to his woes are his sickly brother and weird mother. Ever resourceful, Hiroto earns extra money by fishing together with his friends on a nearby dam. In one of their trips, some girl bumped into him dropping all of his catch. The girl (Haruka Ayase) refused to apologize and fretted about her wet clothes instead. After some prodding from the girl's best friend she apologized, however Hiroto left disgusted anyway.

As his friends were cleaning up the mess, they were mistaken as students of a prestigious boys' university and were invited to a social gathering of an all-girls university. Not even attending college, they decided to go anyway and persuaded Hiroto to come.

At the party, Hiroto was busy collecting girls' phone number with the no intention of calling them back - it was his way of getting back at rich girls who (for him) loved to play around.

It was at the party when Hiroto met the girl again. He asked her if it was fate for them to meet again (again not serious - he thought rich girls were playing and so would he). The girl never took it seriously and became concerned when she apparently lost her bag. He found the bag. They find themselves talking by the pool side when a wayward firecracker came unto them. The girl was surprised and lost her balance. Seeing her about to fall into the pool, Hiroto tried to save her.
He saved her...not. Both fell into the pool. Their feelings were being awakened. Unfortunately for Hiroto, the girl turns out to be Tsukioka Nao, daughter of a rich jeweler. This is the start of their tragedy.

As a Filipino, poor boy- rich girl vice versa love affair is a staple in local television. Why should we watch this when we are so used to this storytelling formula? You may ask. Yes, I know your concerns after all this kind of story dominates Manila-based networks since TIME IMMEMORIAL. I'm surprised the Japanese tackled the subject (its intrigue appeals worldwide). As usual they made it their way.

I like the drama - the treatment of the story and the characterization of the people around the two "star-crossed" lovers are unbelievably realistic. NO HISTRIONICS. NO EVIL CHARACTER. NO FIVE-MINUTE CRYING FEST BY THE FEMALE LEAD. Just people protecting their loved ones and people loving each other. Is it possible for a series not to have a villain? Yup, in fact if you were in their position you would do what some of the characters did for the sake of their family. The series is remarkably simple but heartwarming.

The drama is known as Tatta Hitotsu No Koi in Japanese and translated as Just One Love or Love of My Life.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I found no record of McCain speaking out against the now repulsive idea of America endorsing a tyrant like Marcos, but in a speech in 2006 -- 20 years after his downfall – Senator McCain spoke of the importance of promoting human rights abroad, recalling how in 1986, "the United States condemned Ferdinand Marcos' sham reelection, we earned the abiding gratitude of the Philippine people, who promptly threw out the dictator."

That's not exactly the complete story as he conveniently left out the part about Reagan and the Washington establishment praising and bankrolling the Marcos regime even as it rigged elections, threw opponents in jail, tortured them and looted the Philippine treasury. (And how could he forget Imelda's shoes and shopping sprees?)

Nearly 20 years after Marcos died in Hawaii, however, McCain has unexpectedly had to deal with the despised dictator's ghost.

In an embarrassing twist, it turned out that Charlie Black, one of McCain's closest advisers, once ran a lobbying firm that represented brutal dictators, including Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire and – you guessed it – Ferdinand Marcos. Black resigned from the firm, BKSH & Associates, and is still with McCain (although he got him in trouble again recently by saying that another terrorist attack against the US would surely help boost his candidate’s chances in November.)

For Full Analysis

emphasis mine

I become nauseous every time Ronald Reagan is presented as "champion of democracy" because of his stand against USSR in the 80s. His tear down this wall speech only evoked a "whatever" response from me. The guy never stopped acting even when he was President.


brotherly love - Canada vs USA

Exhibit A.

Canadian fans won't soon forget the opening ceremony, however, where the Canadian flag was initially not displayed along side the American and English standards. The sold-out crowd booed the U.S. anthem and then proceeded to roar through an a cappella version of "O, Canada."

That passion might have been a bit too much for MLS execs, who hurriedly got a Canadian flag onto the field, played the anthem and then kicked off the game.

Exhibit B

On October 18th, during the pre-game ceremony for the second game of the 1992 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves, a U.S. Marine Corps colour guard mistakenly presented the Canadian flag upside-down.

The Toronto Blue Jays went on to win the game 5-4 to even the series at one game each.

Exhibit A happened during the Major League Soccer All-Star game held in Canada today. It is the organizers fault (who are probably Canadians themselves). I wonder what really happened?

The explanation:

Instead of bringing the Canadian flag onto the field along with the American flag and the English flag (for the visitors from West Ham United), organizers waited until several minutes after the other two anthems were played to showcase the Maple Leaf, leading to an ugly scene as fans belted out O Canada and booed while the Star Spangled Banner was being played...for full story

I can't really blame the Canadian fans who probably traumatized by perceived slights from the Americans as what happened in '92 or maybe they are waiting for any opportunity to get back at their southern neighbor.

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credits: the creative people at

Manny Pacquiao is a reconstructive surgeon's best friend. Right now, nobody knows for sure who will Pacman fight. He will fight anybody - the Destroyer - but he is looking for an opponent who will cement his legacy and give him a big payday. It is something that Valero and Soto cannot give our champion.

Just now, Pacquiao and his handlers want to fight De la Hoya.

Manny Pacquiao says he can handle Oscar dela Hoya.

And he wants the fight against the Golden Boy in December.

Pacquiao sounded confident when he said he can handle Dela Hoya, the king of pay-per-view. He said things look bright for the fight to push through on Dec. 6.

Dela Hoya stands 5’10 and has fought his last three fights at light-middleweight (150 lbs) while Pacquiao is a shade under 5’7” and had just moved up as a lightweight (135 lbs).

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach said Pacquiao will beat Dela Hoya with both his power and speed. He said Dela Hoya, at 35 and after 44 big fights, “can’t pull the trigger anymore.”
For Full Story

source as usual - support Philippine boxing visit the website!

No, ODLH is just too big for Manny. I'm a Manny fan but this fight is dangerous for him. I understand the economics of course as Pacquiao stands to earn about twenty million dollars (almost a billion pesos) if the fight pushes through. There's a reason why there are weight classes in boxing to prevent a huge mismatch such as this. Yes, there's a catchweight (agreed weight for both boxers to reach - some say 147 lbs) however Oscar size and punching power will be too much for a lightweight like Pacquiao.
Between their weight classes there is about a 15 lb-difference. In boxing it is a huge advantage! Even if there's a catchweight - power carries through.

As much as I would like the PACMAN to beat ODLH for not giving the Filipino his credit in PPV sales in the last Juan Manuel Marquez - Manny Pacquiao match (insisting on praising JMM instead), it is almost impossible for the Destroyer to beat De La Hoya. Size still matters. I have a feeling if Manny matches up with ODLH, the former will be the one in need of a reconstructive surgeon.


Forbes' magazine Hollywood's Highest Paid Actors, full list:

1. Will Smith - 80 million dollars

2. Johnny Depp - 72 million dollars

3. Eddie Murphy - 55 million dollars

4. Mike Myers - 55 million dollars

5. Leonardo DiCaprio - 45 million dollars

6. Bruce Willis - 41 million dollars

7. Ben Stiller - 40 million dollars

8. Nicolas Cage - 31 million dollars

9. Will Ferrell - 31 million dollars

10. Adam Sandler - 30 million dollars


prime example

I've got the impression that most Hollywood stars because of massive fame and fortune turn into locos. Christian Bale showed us yesterday - he allegedly beat up his SISTER and MOTHER. I read years ago some Hollywood contracts have weird clauses. For example, this actor will not act unless all his nose hair are removed. I'm only kidding but preposterous clauses like that are normal in their contracts.

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The skirmish started moments after Parker and Detroit's Cheryl Ford had to be separated after Ford fouled Parker.On the next possession, Parker got tangled up with Detroit's Plenette Pierson and fell to the ground. As she was getting up, Pierson intentionally ran into her, setting off the melee.Parker threw a punch at Pierson before being tackled by Detroit's Deanna Nolan. Players and coaches from both teams joined in, and Mahorn knocked Lisa Leslie to the court at one point."I was trying to protect the whole game, the integrity of the game," he said. "The WNBA is very special to me because I have four daughters. I don't even raise my hand to them, and I would never push a woman. This game, I love this game too much."Mahorn was also involved in the 2004 Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers brawl while working as a Detroit broadcaster, going into the crowd to try to pull Ron Artest away from fans."Rick Mahorn is known as a peacemaker, from even the brawl we had here with Indiana," Detroit coach Bill Laimbeer said. "He went out there to get people off the pile and to get people to stop the confrontation. That's who he is, that's what he does."

For Full Story

Tsk tsk tsk....To think there was only five seconds left in the game. Candace Parker made the second ever dunk in WNBA history (first one - Lisa Leslie).

Also, Ms. Parker is the first player in the league to DUNK TWICE! Watch this video.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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The Geno Espineli (left-handed reliever) - Filipino - will be pitching for the San Francisco Giants after getting a call-up...

The 25-year-old pitcher is 6-foot-4 and looks as though he should throw 95 mph. Actually, he throws 85 but is deceptive and relies on a changeup he learned by trying the grip he saw on the back of a baseball card when he was a kid. Obviously, it works. Espineli was 1-1 with a 2.06 ERA in 34 games for Fresno. Equally impressive were six walks against 43 strikeouts.

Espineli has had a whirlwind couple of weeks, first pitching for the victorious Pacific Coast League in the Triple-A All-Star Game, then being named to the Olympic team before getting his first big-league call. It is unclear whether he still will go to Beijing next month.

Espineli believes he is the first full-blooded Filipino to pitch in the majors. With a 1-2-3 inning Sunday, including a strikeout of his first hitter, Mike Cameron, he became the 12th Giant to make his major-league debut in 2008. Espineli also becomes one of four rookies in the seven-man bullpen. He also becomes the 15th home-grown player on the 25-man roster.


Good luck to him! I know another Filipino who once played in the Majors - Benny Agbayani from Hawaii. I think he is now plying his trade in Japan.

This is such a great news esp. to a sports fan like me.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Dattebayo is a fansubbing group concentrated on animes like Bleach, Naruto and others. The group explains why:

Effective immediately, we are terminating our subtitling efforts on the "Naruto Shippuuden". This decision is not up for discussion and not negotiable. You can guess why this is happening, and no, there is nothing you can do about it.

In addition, as we have stated repeatedly, we do not approve of others taking our work and using it to make a profit. Many streaming sites not only solicit donations but fill their pages with ads, even though for the most part they are simply linking to videos that were uploaded at no cost (to YouTube or other sites) and are using free hosting services. This means that they are essentially scamming viewers into thinking that donations are required to keep their "free" service running, even though they are already making a profit off advertisements. We do not spend hours of our lives subbing episodes for free so that other people can make a profit off our videos with a few clicks of their mouse... For Full Explanation

Due to continued noncompliance with requests that their work not be uploading to streaming sites, DB once again drops Naruto Shippuuden, this time permanently and for real. Source

Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC - We've never been more serious

Naruto vs Orochimaru

No wonder I heard a lot of screaming last Friday!! Let the crying and whining begin from five-year olds (fans of Konohamaru) to sixty-four year olds (fans of Chiyo hehe).

It is not the end of the world of course - they can wait for official DVD release. All they need is patience. Some Naruto fans are as impulsive as their idol, Naruto.

About Dattebayo click here:

Don't mess with FILIPINOS.

Some fans are still in denial and reckon Dattebayo might only be kidding. We'll see. They do have a history of pulling pranks. (Dattebayo is also itself is full of gullible punks.) If I could identify one of them, I'll call Viz Media and have them arrested.

They're a group of losers who add subtitles to Japanese cartoons and illegally distribute it on the net. Haha... how true.

This is a Filipino response from a Dattebayo attack on Filipinos. Haha...

Masashi Kishimoto - Naruto creator

"screw Dattebayo"


Sunday, July 20, 2008


Dragonball Movie Turning his back in a vain attempt to look JAPANESE the Wapanese...

The Sankei Shimbun paper has posted the first poster from the Dragonball live-action film that features a main character on Friday. The poster portrays Canadian actor Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, The Invisible, Lost television series), who stars as Son Goku, in his familiar orange gi martial arts uniform complete with the kanji for kame ("turtle" for his mentor Master Roshi or Kame Sennin) on the back. For full story...

Trying hard Wapanese...the white Goku looks sickly. The Japanese characters says I'm Wapa and you? Hehe. This is my last take on the subject (hopefully). I'm giving it too much publicity!


Meet the Spider

11:43 am MST - Anderson Silva easily destroys James Irvin in 1:01 of the first round in UFC Fight Night 14 at The Pearl, Las Vegas. He knocked his opponent out faster than I could produce this piece - SPECTACULAR!

R1: Silva comes out and lands a short right cross. He catches Irvins kick attempt and knocks him down with a huge punch. Silva follows it up with a barrage of punches and the ref jumps in and stops the fight. Irvin is out.

For Full Coverage



Follows the ongoing flirtation between Jacko and Cassie, two Negrense chefs who grew up in Bacolod, and whose lives revolve around food (correction - mine). Trouble starts when Jacko loses his Italian restaurant, Puccini's to a giant cockfighting debt. The moneylender Dolpo takes control of Puccini's and hires Cassie as a consultant for a total restaurant makeover. Cassie re-visions Puccini's into a place that serves traditional Negrosanon food, and we are treated to the full panorama of Negrosanon cuisine and the idiosyncrasies of Negrosanon eating. Along the way, Jacko and Cassie find time to finally fall in love and set aside their differences

source: imdb

show times
Tuesday, July 15 - 6:15 pm - Tanghalang Huseng Batute
Wednesday, July 16 - 9:00 pm - CCP Main Theater
Friday, July18 - 3:30 pm - MKP Hall
Friday, July18 - 6:15 pm - CCP Main Theater
Saturday, July 19 - 12:45 pm - MKP Hall

For Full Story

This is a Negrense film entry to the Cinemalaya Film Festival. Almost all the Hiligaynon-speaking actors that I know are here. IL PRIDE BABY!
Man, watching it made me hungry.

(In writing reviews, take note of the large number of people dismissing Hiligaynon as a dialect. We have a long way to go - our struggle is real.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - The world's top Nazi-hunter said Thursday he's made progress in finding 94-year-old "Doctor Death," a former concentration camp physician accused of torturing Jewish prisoners as they died and who may have been living for decades in Argentina or Chile.

Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israeli branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told a news conference that his mission to the southern reaches of the Americas led him to at least four people who claim to have seen Aribert Heim in the past 45 day.

Heim was indicted in Germany after World War II on charges he murdered hundreds of inmates at the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1941. The Wiesenthal center says he injected the corrosive poison phenol directly into the hearts of many and used "other torturous killing method

The South American probe is part of the Jewish human rights organization's "Operation: Last Chance" — an effort to bring aging war criminals to justice before they die. If alive, Heim would be 94.

Answering critics who say Heim's age undermines the validity of the hunt, Zuroff said to "keep in mind what he did when was a very young person."

"If we put a limit on age, in a practical sense that means we're saying you can get away with genocide, which is morally outrageous," he added...

For Complete Story...

There should be no rest for the guilty! The mental torture Heim's is now suffering must have reminded him of his victims' agony when he inflicted cruel death to them. If the Israelis were Filipinos, some people would have given him a pardon for humanitarian reasons (advanced age) to show the world that they are compassionate and morally upright. No justice no closure. It is so easy for them to do that because they weren't the ones victimized.


The National Anthem sounds even better sang in my language. I look forward to the day when this version of the National Anthem is sung in our schools without the fear of getting arrested for violating the law. Don't believe me please see chapter 2 section 36 of Republic Act 8491. The National Anthem should be sung in the National Language (whatever it means and it doesn't exist). (The law is very discriminatory! I can't believe my country has that and no legislators from other non-Tagalog ethno linguistic groups raised a howl over this.)

So, technically this girl is violating the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines. Singing the national anthem in my native tongue is a crime in this "democratic country". Long before there was the Republic; the Hiligaynon-speaking people were already here. Screw the law! What will the national government do? Arrest these people? NO WAY. It will create UPHEAVAL AND STIR REGIONAL SENTIMENT if it does that.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Girls Generation promoting Maple Story

Wonder Girls promoting Keroro - as in Sgt. Keroro - Kero,kero

Is this part II of Girl Bands' Battle Royale? Sorry I couldn't resist. I'm no fanboy but the girls are very cute. They have the great ability to project that cuteness effortlessly on screen.
Sgt. Keroro
I remember Sgt. Keroro - one of the funniest anime I saw. It is about an alien whose task is to invade the world but he and his crew befriended a human family. Though bonded well with humans they don't ever forget their mission - and the meaningless work forced unto them. Kero kero kero kero....


A great day for the RESISTANCE MOVEMENT: (wow hehe)

Philippine National Anthem in Bisaya

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A week ago today, the session at the Cebu City Council started as usual by singing the National Anthem in the Cebuano language or "Nasudnong Awit or Yutang Tabunon" despite the fact that there is a national law that penalizes anyone singing the national anthem in their own native tongues except in Filipino, which as we all know is a not-so-cleverly- disguised Tagalog. But after the National Anthem and the prayer in Cebuano, Presiding Officer Vice-Mayor Michael Rama suggested continuing the session using the Cebuano language in order to clarify all matters.

Thus it was a sort of unique, albeit historic day last week because Cebu City Councilors were speaking their own native tongue in their official session. That the City Council of Cebu defied that law against singing the National Anthem in another tongue other than Tagalog proves our point that that law has become inutile, especially when faced with our Constitutional realities where one of the most basic freedoms our people enjoy is the Freedom of Speech, which means the freedom to speak our native language.

How many times have we said it here before that we Filipinos are very good in making great laws, but we're the worst in implementing such laws? Year 2008 has been declared the International Year of Languages, which was proclaimed by the 61st General Plenary Assembly of the United Nations in their effort to promote "Unity in Diversity and Global Understanding. " This year, the UN is pursuing multilingualism as a means of promoting, protecting and preserving diversity of languages and cultures globally. I have been advocating our right to speak and be educated in our Cebuano language from the first day I became a columnist. Now something like this finally happens, almost like a dream come true!

The Philippines is also a signatory of this UN declaration, hence for a nation of more than a hundred spoken languages, we should be the first to understand the realities that we are a nation of diverse cultures and languages and that one of the most basic of human rights is the Right to Free Speech! Yet our educational policy is killing other Filipino languages.

We Cebuanos have long been proud of our cultural heritage and language; after all, the first people in this archipelago that the Europeans knew were Cebuanos. Oh yes, the Spaniards didn't forget Cebu, as this is where the leader of the Armada de Moluccas Ferdinand Magellan met his death in the hands of Chieftain Lapu-Lapu.

We are also known as the First Christians in this part of Asia. While we embraced Christianity, I would like to believe it was due to the Sto. NiÒo, the statue of the Holy Child Jesus that is so richly decorated and dressed up. Back then, Rajah Humabon and his Queen Juana had their Anitos small wooden idols, hence when Magellan presented them with the Sto. Nino, they immediately embraced it.

Back on our advocacy on language. I won't forget that 22 years ago when President Corazon "Tita" Cory Aquino issued a directive ordering all government offices that official communication in her administration was through the use of the Filipino language. The Province of Cebu then under Gov. Emilio "Lito" Osmena defied that Presidential Directive and filed a case in court to stop that Presidential directive and won.

I remembered Gov. Osmena asking the question, "What is really the Filipino Language, when the reality is, it is 99.9% taken from the Tagalog language?" Since that time, despite a law ordering the singing of the Philippine National Anthem in Filipino, the City of Cebu, the Cebu Provincial Board starts its sessions with the singing of the National Anthem in Cebuano. This includes the Rotary Club of Cebu (Mother). Let's hope that in today's session in the City Council, they would continue holding it in Cebuano, today and in the next sessions to come! Mabuhi ang Sugbuanon!


emphasis mine - Mr. Avila makes more sense and should be at the opinion page of the Philippine Star but his article is consigned at the back pages in the regional news section where most people don't even bother to read!


  1. NON-TAGALOG FILIPINOS (for inspiration 75% of the pop.)
  2. INSTITUTE OF NATIONAL LANGUAGE (You're not? Prove it.)
  3. TBHON QUEZON and his wannabes
  4. RGMA -Bigtime Balita
  5. Some Television writers and directors

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Why is Po's father a duck? Ask his mother...

The Chinese artist who launched a sensational protest against Dreamworks' "Kung Fu Panda" has filed a lawsuit against the Hollywood studio asking for an apology.

Zhao Bandi, a painter and designer who features pandas in his works, brought the suit to the Chaoyang District People's Court in Beijing on Wednesday.

"I want Dreamworks to explain to me why the panda Po has green eyes," Zhao wrote on his blog. "A green eye is evil, and that's definitely not a Chinese panda." He also wanted an explanation as to why
Po's father is a duck instead of a panda.

Zhao questioned Dreamworks' intentions in making "Kung Fu Panda," and asked the court to order Dreamworks and the film's distributor, Paramount Pictures, to make an official apology via Chinese and American media.

The Beijing court will decide whether to accept the case this Friday, Zhao says.

"Kung Fu Panda" opened in China on June 20 to strong box office demand. But Zhao has been calling for a boycott of the film, saying it "exploits China's 'national treasure' and its martial arts."


My initial reaction BWAHAHAHAHAHA! How do you say "you are a joke" in Mandarin? That's what this article is - a huge joke. Ask the Duck why his son is a Panda. Beats me. I don't know the answer myself but I don't want to dwell on it since it is a freaking cartoon. This question is usually raised by kids in my country since adults are supposed to know better.


Here's Kon (now known as King of New York) promoting the new Bleach film Fade to Black (tagline Goodbye, Rukia).


Typhoon Frank damage

ILOILO CITY, Philippines -- The brief visit of Manny Pacquiao made thousands of flood-ravaged Ilonggos forget about their damaged and still muddied homes and streets as they wildly cheered for the Filipino boxing icon.

Men, women, children and the elderly lined the streets screaming and cheering as they struggled to get a glimpse of Pacquiao and his wife Jinky who went to Jaro District here to distribute food packs to victims of typhoon Frank.

With shouts of "Manny" and "Idol," Ilonggos mobbed the boxing champion along his route.

The Pacquiao couple and their party arrived at the Iloilo airport in Cabatuan town around 7:30 a.m. and proceeded to the residence of Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo where they had breakfast with the prelate and Iloilo City officials led by Mayor Jerry Treñas.

They then proceeded to the Jaro Cathedral for mass before distributing around 500 food packs to flood victims, assisted by Treñas and members of the Catholic Women's League.

After knocking out David Diaz last June to win the World Boxing Council’s lightweight title, Pacquiao promised to donate P3 million from his earnings to the flood victims in Western Visayas.


Manny always back up his talk with action. As I've said before the city and its people appreciates any help extended to them even more because it came from Manny Pacquiao. He is the undisputed national hero in the Philippines right now both in and out of the boxing ring.

As of yesterday, eight people died of Leptospirosis caused by wading through the flood waters at the height of Typhoon Frank's onslaught. There's still a lot to be done if you're interested to help but first check the details. In addition to, they also need more implementing partners.

Here's the link:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Rukia - Bleach
What's wrong Rukia-san? You look sad again. Not a scene from the movie.

TV Tokyo's Japanese website for the Bleach anime has revealed the title and date of the third Bleach movie in
Japan: Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu (I Call Your Name) on December 13. The website also confirms that the movie will star Masakazu Morita as Ichigo Kurosaki and Fumiko Orikasa as Rukia Kuchiki. Bleach series director Noriyuki Abe will again adapt Tite Kubo's supernatural fighting manga with a screenplay by episode screenwriter Natsuko Takahashi and music by Shiro Sagisu. Little has been revealed about the story, but the website offers the tagline "Sayonara, Rukia" and says that Kubo himself had coined the movie's title. Viz Media is releasing the first film, Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody, on DVD in North America on October 14.

Rukia is in trouble again? Well, there's Ichigo anyway. I do hope they spice it up with a little or implied romance just to spice up the story.

The Bleach Movie Trailer: Fade to Black
10-4-08 Update: There'll be no Bleach Live Action Movie as the mangaka Kubo doesn't like it.


This was a reaction to a stupid delusional reporting a la Fox News by Unchristian Science Monitor. The manipulation of data is revolting!!! Why do institutions that brand themselves as Christian aren't so Christian?

"What Japanese women want: a Western husband"--from the very title, I saw it as an old rehash of the, "Japanese women far prefer Western men, on balance, to the domestic slag".

Even though the statistics above, if you pull them apart, note that around 93% of the international marriages in Japan (of those listed--there are many countries not mentioned. The CSM has not even bothered to include an "remaining nationalities" column to give us the grand total) are to Asians, such as Koreans and Chinese. And of J women to F Asians, 72% of all mentioned. Thus the article's focus is on a minority trend indeed.
The article even brought up the old, long-since forgotten optimal marriagable age of 25 (ask people under thirty nowadays if they know "Christmas Cake" in conjugal terms--most, to my surprise, don't!). Out of touch.

Moreover the focus on Japanese women (despite the 2003 stats showing that they account for only 30% of the international marriage total mentioned) plays into the old hackneyed accounts of Japanese women seeking comfort outside Japan--complete with tired statements about unhelpful Japanese men (wheel in obscure (female) Japanese sociologist or rural government bureaucrat of unknown position to back up the reporter's claims). The clear majority of international marriages, even though they are J men to F women, are merely something, the article insinuates, that the country bumpkins do--to the less-well-off non-White foreigners. As if that doesn't count. This attitude is patently offensive.

About time that the Western reporters realize they truly are marginal players in Japan's big foreigner pool (of the nearly 2 million registered foreigners in Japan, only around 100,000 are, for example, Americans--and more than half of those are active-duty US military and their unregistered dependants consigned to bases). There are more South Americans in Japan now than Americans or Europeans. At least try to update your stereotypes. For Full SCIENTIFIC rebuttal
The Charisma Men

This rebuttal is a slap in the face to any Western guys having Charisma guy syndrome. They think they are cute but most Japanese women think of them as sex-hungry perverts. Christian Science Monitor isn't a credible media organization at all! Some writer.

Japanese Women Marrying Foreign Men

Koreas 2,235
China 890
Phil. 117
Thai. 62
USA 1,529
U.K. 334
Brazil 265
Peru 125
Other 2,601

Source: 2003 Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare

More Japanese women marry other Asians than the overly-hyped Western aka Charisma man. So Japanese women aren't crazy over them as they like to believe. I call it the CHARISMA MAN BUBBLE BURST - reality check! Major OWNAGE EVERYONE! Hehehe...

Simple explanation, most Japanese women are financially well-off. They don't need sugar daddies haha.

Wait a minute...117 Filipino men married Japanese women in 2003. Well the only thing the Filipino men could offer is love. Guess their beloved women got the message. Good for them! YOSH! One...two...three Filipino...Filipino...Filipino! When you belong to a race of great lovers it will shine through. Right Pepe?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Is this the new spell Petronus Sexanus? What do you think are they doing? Your guess is as good as mine hehe.
Some analysis are so sexually-charged it makes me laugh. We all know the real score in this picture. The two stars were just talking.

This picture reminds me of this video:

YOUR MAKING IT HARD FOR MEEEEEE!!! Ehem, don't worry I'll stick to writing hehe. No, I don't subscribe to what other writers are thinking.

Monday, July 14, 2008


and the winner is...

Don't get me wrong I love beauty contests esp. Miss Universe. Where else can you find the most beautiful women packed in one place? This is every guy's dream and ultra-feminists' worst nightmare. Pressure from feminists in Sweden forced Ms. Sweden to bolt out of the competition last year. Even this year no contestant from Sweden was entered. Man, so this is autocracy now! I would have preferred it if Ms. Sweden backed out in her own volition and not to some pressure. Ms. Sweden is good enough to decide for herself right? I hate imposition of ideas. It only creates resistance.

If I don't agree with feminist does that mean I favor "denigrating" women? Of course not, this is not a zero-sum game. I live in a household of tough women from the first to the third generation. There is no greater feminist than my sister. Let the woman decide what's good for her. Therefore in my thinking if Ms. Sweden wants to participate good for her. If she doesn't go good for her too as long as she decides on what she really wants. Forcing ideas on other people is MEDIEVAL ERA type thinking! It will be women who will decide what's good for them and I will support them.


In the spirit of beauty contests, allow me to relive some of its greatest moments.

translation of the incident above

Here's fatso... I mean a "comedian's" take on the incident.

This is the very definition of PRATFALL. TOINK!

Another pratfall Ms. USA style 2 - BOINK!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Watch this cute opening parody of Bleach. The chibi versions of the famous anime characters Ichigo and Rukia are very KAWAII. The credit goes to Shinobu from Newgrounds for creating this funny piece. The creative anime openings and endings are unmatched even by their American counterparts.

The original version

The first time I watched Bleach I was blown away by the opening and the song. I liked it so much I would replay the DVD player again and again so I could listen to the track "Asterisk" by Orange Range - which unconfirmed reports said became No. 1 song in Japan for twenty weeks! Man I enjoyed it even if I don't understand it.

the music video with English subs

Kudos to my brother who encouraged me to write more about anime! Our bonding time consists mostly of anime marathon and feeling stoned after hours of watching hehe. By the way "rap metal" died a long time ago in the States - it is nice to see the genre is somewhat alive in Japan. Don't get me wrong Orange Range is a rock band but like Rivermaya they don't allow it to limit their musical expression. Enjoy the videos everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Meet the new idiot Debbie...I mean John Gibson. Fear of being overrun by Hispanics prompted this guy to encourage his people to procreate more. He should have left out the Hispanic report part so he wouldn't be misunderstood. Tsk.

However with videos like these, Hispanics will always win the procreation race. Nice try John.

Friday, July 11, 2008


old trailer

Second Naruto Shippūden movie to open in Japan on August 2

The official Japanese website for the Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna film is streaming its first full trailer. The Kizuna (Bonds) film will still star the title ninja character Naruto, but will also feature Sasuke, the longtime rival and occasional ally of Naruto. This is the second film based on the Naruto Shippūden revamp of the series, and it will open in Japan on August 2. The one-minute, 30-second trailer includes the film's theme song, "No Rain No Rainbow" by Home Made Kazoku (Home Made Family).

Viz Media is releasing the second movie based on the original Naruto anime and manga series, Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, on North American DVD on July 29.


naruto -sasuke scars

The Naruto-Sasuke saga is one of the greatest story arcs in anime history. One man is bent on revenge and the other is determined to bring his friend back. I hope Naruto will be able to save Sasuke and not have the same fate of his master Jiraiya who failed to rescue his own friend Orochimaru. Naruto Shippuden is filled with drama and powerful dialogues that it can beat any local drama in depth of storytelling - and to think its an anime!