Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bleach 234: Renji Surprised The Two Zabimarus?

Bleach 234 (anime) Renji's Surprised and Two Zabimarus? The great thing to look forward to in this episode is the fight between Ichigo and Muramasa. Do you know where they are fighting? I bet you do ---- inside Ichigo. The Hollow Ichigo is really powerful, he easily pummeled Byakuya in the Soul Society Arc, pawned Zangetsu I mean its good that Ichigo could at least control him. He's dangerous.

I remember clearly what Renji's zanpakutou looked like - a snake and a baboon. Now it's a woman. I recall a Bleach shinigami cup joke wherein Captain Kurotsuchi boasted he can change the zanpakutous gender which got Renji REALLY interested. I wonder if he really changed his. No matter.

I hope Bleach 234 finally answer two important questions:
  1. Who "owns" Muramasa?
  2. Why did he rebel?
Most likely Muramasa will tell his sob story interspersed while fighting Ichigo (in short story telling and fighting combo). Obviously, the rebel won't go away or get destroyed easily. I expect the animation to be better than last week. The fights are more enjoyable if they are fluid and not like its done hurriedly or just for the sake of making fillers.


Bleach anime - airs every Tuesday in Japan. Its manga is one of the most popular titles both in Japan and North America.

anime - simply put is Japanese cartoon though it makes you think and marvel at its story telling.

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