Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where To Watch Fiba-Americas Online / Live Streaming / 2009 Fiba-Americas Championship

The 2009 Fiba-Asia championship is over and now we tune in to another great continental basketball tournament - the 2009 Fiba-Americas Championship but where can we watch it online or live streaming legally, of course. Here? No, but on fibatv.com. This is a great innovation coming from Fiba and I do hope Fifa (world governing body for football) does it too. My favorite team is Argentina, because the cagers play exciting basketball but still fundamentally rooted. Their team work is amazing. The Argentinian basketball team of 2002 - 2004 is the greatest team I ever saw. I don't know whether this year's bunch would be strong but I'll still watch it anyway - no Ginobili however Scola is still with the squad. Whoever the players are, one thing's for sure, the Argentines always give their all for their country. Other countries should learn from them. The United States by virtue of winning the Olympics last year has already qualified for the 2010 Fiba World Championship in Turkey. Hopefully the tournament is not in November as Turkey is FINISHED LOL....ahem sorry about that.

Fiba-Americas August 26 - September 6, 2009


Update: 8 - 27 -09

Thank you for the info. Yes, you can watch Fiba-Americas on Espn360.com. Though only people in the United States can avail of the service...bummer.

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Del Olida said...

You can also watch it on ESPN360.com