Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RPG The Movie First Filipino / Philippine 3D Animated Movie

Talk about Filipino creativity, ABS-CBN recently showed the trailer of RPG The Movie - the first Filipino / Philippine 3D animated feature film on national television. It looks promising and the characters look Filipino unlike in anime (Japanese animation / cartoon) or in local television. Sketchy reports say it is about a young kid that got trapped in the world of MMORPG. How many Filipino kids, teenagers, young adults, oldies, lola-techies can relate to that? I bet some of them WISHED they live in the MMORPG world where they could have a $ 20,000 dinner too.

I can't comment yet about the storyline, maybe after I see the movie. Yes, I'm sick and tired of watching movies I can't even relate too (including local ones). I want change and see a movie about us, about being a Filipino. Can somebody do this more often? I want to see more Filipino animated series and movies too.

RPG The Movie - if the story is great it will sell itself. The animation is great based on the trailer. The movie has tremendous potential. It doesn't have to be Disney Pixar-like.

I hope soon Philippine animation will have its own identity. You know once you see it you will know its Filipino.

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