Thursday, August 13, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia Notes / What Perfect Game? / Taulava (TGA)

Yes, I'll write some of my observations about the previous Powerade Team Pilipinas matches. But before that, will Fiba-Asia please stop this travesty of describing Taulava as Tongan (his papers show he is Filipino and plays for the Philippines so replace that TGA with PHI). You don't put the USA tag on Jackson Vroman do you? Why the double standards? Their excuse is it is the player's place of birth. DUH! Rasheim Wright was born in the USA. If Asi Taulava is TGA, Wright should be USA in the Fiba website too.

The LAST LAUGH: I was watching Team Pilipinas vs Taiwan on a Taiwanese channel back in the Jones Cup when I heard a commentator say: "Willie Miller Filipino? He he he he!" They were also laughing their minds off at the errors Team Pilipinas made in the game. Three days ago, in the tournament that really mattered, Willie Miller made a crossover, which made their player turn the wrong way, and shot a three which devastated Chinese Taipei. Now we're laughing.

Iran defeated Korea last night 82- 66. The reward for the loser is a quarterfinal match with Lebanon, the losing finalist two years ago and a semifinal game with China, talk about punishment. Iran is on a different level right now. The winner gets to play Qatar in the quarterfinals and the winner of the Philippines / Jordan game in the semifinals.

The quality of basketball in Asia has risen 100%. Qatar vs Lebanon, Lebanon vs China, & Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei are some of the classic matches I saw.

Iran is going to get better as their U-18 squad are the current Asian champions and some of them will soon be integrated with the senior team.

Make Do Of What They Have

Yes, Team Pilipinas is making the most of what they have. It is impossible to see Team Pilipinas play a perfect game in their state right now. Besides, there's no such thing as a perfect game anyway. The players are determined to play the best they can despite the lack of preparation time and other weaknesses and sometimes they are rewarded as in the victories over Japan and Chinese-Taipei.

They say practice makes perfect. Can Powerade Team Pilipinas play perfect when they barely practiced? (assuming there's such thing as a perfect game) I don't care HOW they win as long as the Nationals do. If Team Pilipinas win in a scrappy manner so be it as winning is far better than losing.

His decision

I'm not fond of telling Powerade Team Pilipinas Coach Yeng Guiao what to do. First, he is an accomplished coach, Guiao knows what needs to be done anyway. He is also responsible for the squad win or lose. Besides, I'm a basketball fan not an expert.

Fight with All their Might

Team Pilipinas players, all of you will fight and give your all G.w. tomorrow right?
I believe Team Pilipinas has a decent chance of winning against Jordan so play with all your might.

I'm already satisfied since Team Pilipinas has defeated teams that I predicted they would like Sri Lanka, Japan, Chinese-Taipei and Kuwait. I'm happy I believed they'd win over Japan. Initially, Japan confused me, but after I saw their game against Korea in Fiba-Asia I knew our team would crush them.

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