Monday, August 17, 2009

Philippine Basketball Association Should Just Lend Its Players To SBP

The Philippine Basketball Association plans to continue sending its players abroad for international tournaments. It's a great decision, in fairness to the league, BUT the better plan is for the PBA to just lend the cagers Coach Rajko Toroman wants to use for Smart Gilas. Yes, there are PBA players Toroman wants if I'm not mistaken Samigue Eman, Jay-R Reyes and Jason Castro assuming, of course, internet reports are true. I HOPE this is not "ningas cogon" again or just a publicity ploy. Don't raise our hopes up and smash it down later, please!

Fans are in unison saying Smart Gilas needs taller guards like Jared Dillinger.

“I believe the heart of coach Yeng as a Filipino was touched by this experience of his. He talked to me personally and asked me in the nicest of terms to open my mind to the PBA continuing to help out the national cause,” PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios told the Philippine Star

“He’s seen here that if we are going to do well internationally especially in the Asian region, the PBA must open its mind and I suppose he wants to start with me as the commissioner,” he said. (Barrios was in Tianjin. Now you know what it feels like supporting the country. Victory is sweet and defeat is bitter).

Mr. Sonny Barrios sir I have one request for the PBA to try Fiba Rules. No sir, not totally, the league can modify it as long as the essentials are retained. For example, PBA can still retain 12 4-minute quarters and the same number of timeouts, but the number of fouls allocated to players should be trimmed down to five from six and the hand signs refs use the league to mirror that of Fiba's. As I've said before it's the players that make the league exciting not the rules. No, sir I'm not telling you how to do your job I'm not qualified to do that just giving some unsolicited suggestion. Besides, nothing is so perfect that it cannot be improved. Please Mr. Barrios sir listen to Team Pilipinas basketball fans!

Update: 8 - 18 - 09

SBP Executive Director Noli Eala said: "At this point the SBP would want to take over the national team. If the PBA is open to being involved then it would have to be under the program and direction of SBP, including the selection of national coaches and implementation of program."

The Philippine Basketball Association had their chance and threw it away. Now, its time for new ideas. Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas turn to lead.

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