Monday, August 10, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Fiba-Asia Championship Second Round Begins! CS 9

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Chinese Taipei August 10, 2009 CS9 4:00 pm.

This is the last time a Philippine Basketball Association-led Team Pilipinas will play a game against Chinese-Taipei in a real Fiba competition (Jones Cup is not a sanctioned tournament). I think Powerade Team Pilipinas will win. Chinese Taipei has made a conscious effort to emulate South Korea style of basketball (by hiring a Korean coach Chung Kwang Suk more than two years ago) or at least it appears that way. But the East Asian nation still has a lot of work to do frankly speaking. According to, they were given a wildcard spot in the Fiba-Asia Championship for this team didn't EVEN QUALIFY. In short, they're a very lucky team. Other reports say, Fiba pressured Fiba-Asia to let Chinese Taipei in after the world governing body failed to express clearly that the top six placers at last year's Fiba Stankovic Cup will qualify directly to the continental basketball championship. CT didn't join for it thought the tournament didn't matter. Whatever the reason, Chinese Taipei is in the tournament.

Chinese Taipei boasts of big guys such as Tien Li, Tseng Wen Ting, and Wu Tai-Hao - all three stands 202 cm or 6 -8 according to Pennisi, Taulava and Thoss held their own against the much bigger Ha Seung Jin so these Taiwanese guys shouldn't be a problem. Powerade Team Pilipinas intense and determined defense greatly bothered Korean shooters and the latter shot 18.2% in the three point arc - stunningly low percentage for them. It's good news as Chinese Taipei overly relies on three-pointing shooting too. The team is also quick in transition. No matter, Powerade Team Pilipinas is in a BAD MOOD after the loss to Korea and will be more determined to win against a team that's almost Korea's carbon copy --- less Ha of course. The Nationals need to make their shots though...seriously. It's not enough holding down our opponents through suffocating defense, they also need to make their shots. I know the Team Pilipinas coaching staff know this. I'm confident the team can pull off another win.

Japeth Aguilar will play according to Philippine Star

Good luck Powerade Team Pilipinas!

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