Friday, August 21, 2009

Bleach 370 Barragan Luisenbarn The False god of Hueco Mundo

Bleach 370 manga: Meet Barragan Luisenbarn, the self-proclaimed deity / god of Hueco Mundo. He seemed to have overestimated himself too much after he survived the attacks from a current vice-captain and a former one. He started spewing nonsense while the Vizard is busy hatching up a plan to PAWN him. Barragan had no idea what's coming. Hachigen rises up to the occasion and he cut his arm, put it on a barrier and transferred it to Barragan's stomach. The Arrancar was swallowed up or destroyed (I don't understand the drawing). No matter, the Kidou Master showed us why he became a VC in the first place.

Bleach 370 review: Do you like this fight, Bleach fans? The only emotion I feel right now is gladness that this death match is over. There are other exciting fights coming up: Komamura and Hisagi vs Tousen and Shinji vs Aizen which was temporarily interrupted. I think we're all looking forward to that.


Bleach is a manga (Japanese comics) serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump which resumed publishing after taking a break last week. It is a consistent best seller in Japan and in US bookstores.

Bleach anime is shown on TV Tokyo every Tuesday.

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