Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hetalia Episode 30 Review: What's So Hard To Understand In This Episode?

Now I watch Hetalia anime to get some laughs and not to be sentimental but this episode touched my heart. Watch Hetalia episode 30 man it's great.

England came to Japan to sign a treaty and he was curious about Japanese culture. He thought the mountain before him was Mt. Fuji it turns out to be just an ordinary mountain. Then, England asked about those things in Japanese mountains which is called "Tengu's Chair". The ancient Japanese made these Tengu's chairs to mark the Tengu's (roughly translated as Goblin by some people) territory so people would go near them. Out of the blue, England waved, claiming a Tengu was waving at him much to Japan's surprise.

It was night time and England was about to take a bath when he saw some creatures were there. The creatures were apparently Tengu. They prompted apologized and offered to leave. England said he doesn't mind and instead cordially asked them about Japanese culture . They had great conversation. Later, England was in bed when the grateful Tengu bade him goodbye. The creatures were happy that England treated him kindly. In the new era, the Japanese people had relegated them into superstition, He said he is leaving as their time is over and he is heading deep into the mountains. He used to talk to Japan but after some time the latter had forgotten him and his existence. The Tengu was happy that he met England and left.

This Tengu doesn't have a scary or fierce look on him usually found in other Japanese artworks. Obviously, the writer was sympathetic to them.

Modernity and Westernization have taken its toll on Japan but I think its even worse in my country. It's not yet over by the way. It really saddens me to see what is happening. Yes, I know I could do something too that's why when there's an opportunity I feature it - the cultural gems of my native land. Yes, I learned about my culture by asking the elderly, listening to radio and searching the net. There are many things I know that I don't know. It was only this year when I discovered the rich musical tradition of my people. We were taught Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt. Our history lessons are about some far away place most of us don't even care about. By the way, it's not wrong in itself but you've got to start in your own place. You don't know where you're going 'til you know where you've been.

There's some people who don't get the episode and I guess they have no idea or experience living in a country where the culture is slowly being eroded away. Outsiders never understand so be careful in choosing who and what you read. Well, in the anime, the foreigner understood right? But cases like these are RARE in real life.

The Hetalia episode is sad...for it shows Japan doesn't care anymore about his heritage. He lost a part of himself. What's so hard to understand in this episode?

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