Friday, August 7, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Japan / We Will Win / Fiba-Asia 2009 Championship Result

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan 9:00 pm on CS9. Who will have the last laugh? Is it Team Pilipinas or Japan? Hopefully, it is our team.

Day Two Fiba-Asia Schedule:

There are many analyses of this game and I'll offer my simple one. Japan usually uses two bread-and-butter plays
  1. slash and kick out for three
  2. slash and cut
This is what happened in the Jones Cup:

Slowly Japan clawed back using slash and kickout for three and other slash and cut play. It was effective they kept on using it. Our defenders get sucked by the slasher leaving some of the Japanese players open. The problem is the Nihonjin just shoot better from three.

I know the players are now aware of these plays and hopefully they can defend the three-point arc better. Our cagers should do everything to disrupt these attacks and counterattack quickly as Japan struggles in transition. Yes, there were many fastbreak opportunities in the game against Japan in the Jones Cup but most of it were wasted. Powerade Team Pilipinas wanted to play Harlem Globetrotters and ended up as Washington Generals. This urge to entertain is still with the team. There's nothing wrong with showboating - if they can make their shots. I enjoy seeing Japeth Aguilar float and slam the ball as long as he makes it ALL THE TIME.

If they can't defend against the Japanese three-point shooting it will be a hard basketball game for us to watch. It's not fun seeing your team scrambling around in defense and worse the shot goes in. Team Pilipinas can do it though.

Defensive Intensity

Hard-nosed man-to-man defense make Japanese players squirm. I saw that in the Jones Cup game esp in the first quarter but Powerade's intensity faded in the remainder of that game. The defense made it possible for them to build a 19 -point lead. Coach Yeng also he hadn't used the zone defense extensively against Japan or in any game in the Jones Cup.

Though I think Japan is used to playing against the zone (what league in Asia outlawed zone defense to a certain degree anyway) I'm hoping if Coach Yeng does use it, the strategy will pay off. Unlike the Jones Cup though, Yeng will stick to the line-up that works. If Team Pilipinas build a huge lead, I don't think they'll lose it so easily like what happened in Taiwan ( please! please!).

If they have pride, the Philippine Basketball Association led Team Pilipinas will work hard to win. Have some pride and avenge our loss to Japan! You can do it!

My support for Team Pilipinas is constant from the RP youth, Smart Gilas and now Powerade. This is not a fad for me. I do support and criticize when necessary even at the risk of being called a traitor or crab by fanatics for I want them to win!!!

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