Friday, August 28, 2009

Naruto 461 What Is Suiton Mizujinheki or Is It Suiton Suijinheki? / Raiton Kangekiha

Naruto 461(comics). The new manga (comics) chapter is interesting. Darui's power is transliterated in as Suiton Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall) while Sleepyfans had it as Suiton Mizujinheki. Suiton Suijinheki is Water Encampment Wall in English and if you look at the illustration of Suiton Mizujinheki in Sleepyfans (onemanga) Darui's jutsu (water) encircled the Raikage to shield him from Sasuke's attack. I hope later we will know if this is just incorrect transliteration or Suiton Mizujinheki is a newly introduced jutsu. I don't pretend to know much about these things so hopefully these matter will be sorted out. Whatever the name of that Water Wall Technique, it is effective as it stopped Sasuke.

Raiton Kangekiha - Lightning Style: Impression Wave (courtesy of Mangavolume)

Darui's Suiton whatever and Raiton Kangekiha - a mix of water and lightning attack smacks Sasuke back.

Conclusion: Mangavolume's scan transliterated it as Suiton Suijinheki. So right now I'm partial to the Suiton Suijinheki transliteration.

Naruto is on the 11th place in the Japanese Comic Ranking (Aug. 17 -23). It is available both in anime (cartoons) and manga.

*the explanations are for readers which might be unfamiliar with the terms.

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