Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Kuwait / 2009 Fiba-Asia Championship / Wrestleball

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Kuwait will be at 9:00 am on Basketball TV and CS9 Tomorrow G.w. August 12, 2009. If they win this, they get third place in Group E and face Jordan in the quarterfinals. The Nationals' chance over Kuwait is good. Kuwait is still winless as of press time and that alone speaks about the quality of this team. Mohammed Ashkanani leads the team both in scoring and rebounding - other notables in the squad are Saeed, AlRabah (not Husseini LOL) and it doesn't Al-matter. I'm not bragging but Powerade Team Pilipinas will destroy them. I looked at their height and they are small. Team Pilipinas should guard itself against complacency and go for the kill early as in clobber this team in the first quarter that way they could not expend any more energy than they have to.

They need to concentrate on their next opponent in the quarter finals - Jordan.

Team Pilipinas vs Iran 88 - 78

Miller and Yap combined for 28 points but it wasn't enough - another bad shooting night coupled with many poor decision-making and turnovers at the critical part of the match cost Philippines this basketball game. The Nationals gave up a lot of fouls and Iran took advantage making 23 out of 30 free throw attempts.

The Nationals got behind by twenty in the second quarter and Iran never looked back.

UPDATE: 8 - 12 -09

Team Pilipinas defeated Kuwait 85 -71.

Like most Philippine team supporters, I never doubted the ability of our national team. I wonder why some people get scared so easily. I don't watch PBA regularly but I know they're good. They are powerful enough to crush Kuwait - and they did 85 -71.

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