Sunday, August 16, 2009

Donaire vs Concepcion Result

Donaire vs Concepcion Result. In summary, Nonito Donaire gave a boxing clinic to Rafael Concepcion, but it wasn't evident as the Panamanian's occasional connections rocked the Filipino. Though clearly, Donaire was too skilled for the Central American.

At four pounds overweight, Rafael Concepcion was able to survive Donaire. The Flash said in an interview if Concepcion was fighting at 115, he would have knocked the Panamanian out. Nonito Donaire's jabs was giving Concepcion problems. His counterattacking and defense resembled that of Mayweather, but when opportunity came Donaire's left was unleashed. Donaire was content boxing and keeping out of trouble as the overweight opponent does have power. The Filipino's pinpoint jabs would routinely open the cut his opponent sustained in the early rounds. Donaire has his moments to put away Concepcion, but it wasn't meant to be, though it was a great show of his skills. Nonito Donaire is now the World Boxing Association Interim Super flyweight champion. He said in the TV interview he looks forward to fighting, Morel and Arce. Those fights will be exciting indeed!

De Luca 117 - 111
Roth 116 - 112
Ford 115 - 113

Donaire vs Concepcion Notes:
  1. As most fans noted Donaire should strengthen his defense. His hands were too low for most of the fight!
  2. Donaire should also improve his technique as he lost his balance every time he unleashes a huge right.
  3. Remember fight fans Donaire fought an overweight opponent.
  4. Donaire impressed me again. He is such a complete fighter - a lesser one would fold against Concepcion.

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