Sunday, August 16, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea Part 2

I don't know what Powerade Team Pilipinas will show up against Korea this afternoon. To quote the Qatari coach: "“Don’t go hard against the Philippines. This is just a qualifying game for them. This means nothing to them. There’s no ambition, no goals. You know what I mean?" I'll still watch the game though. I want to know what Team Pilipinas players are made of...are they men or sheep? I believe they are men who can arise against adversity...but that's just me. They have one more opportunity to redeem themselves.

Update: 8 -17 -09

Team Pilipinas lost to Korea 82 -80 at least they fought hard this time. Yes, like most Team Pilipinas fans I want them to win it all but its just not possible at the moment esp. now that another basketball power emerged....Iran.

Iran defeated China 70 -52 in yesterday's Fiba-Asia Championship finals. The West Asian team was so dominant from the start and surprised the host with tough defense and basketball smarts.

The Iranians came well-prepared both in offense and defense. Their defense was tough and they came up with eight steals, and made Yi Jian Lian and Wang Zhizhi ineffective at the paint. The difference in the game was simple - Iran wanted it more. Yes I know it sounds cliche but that's the truth. Iran fought for every loose ball and outjumped Chinese centers when necessary. So congratulations to Iran - Asian Champions!

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