Thursday, August 6, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Sri Lanka Result / Fiba-Asia Championship / Off To The Next Round!

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Sri Lanka Result - Philippines is off to a very good start blasting off Sri Lanka 115 -31 in the first game of the 2009 Fiba-Asia Championship! It means regardless of the results from our next games Team Pilipinas is heading to the second round but, of course, we prefer they win it all and march on undefeated.

In the first quarter, the Filipinos raced to a 21 - 6 lead. Powerade Team Pilipinas is just too big and talented for the Sri Lankan squad. The Nationals limited the South Asian country to just 9 points in the opening quarter. The second quarter remained the same but the national team blew too many lay-ups prompting Coach Yeng to call a timeout and lash out at the players esp. Arwind Santos. He benched Santos for the entire third quarter. I think 5 lay-ups were blown meaning 10 points were wasted. Why? Some national players were anxious on putting on a show. Memo to Powerade Team Pilipinas: Stop acting like Team USA and just go for the lay-up. IT'S FRUSTRATING seeing them do that - you look like amateurs guys! Stop that! Luckily, Sri Lanka didn't punish them for their errors, but it will not be case against Japan and Korea.

Powerade Team Pilipinas played more seriously in the 2nd half. After the tongue lashing, players stopped showboating and the massacre continued. The Nationals scored 42 points in the 3rd quarter alone. On the other hand, they allowed Sri Lanka to score 14 points in the second half much lower than their first half output of 17 points. Well done! Arwind Santos was on fire in the 2nd half hitting several three point shots.

Powerade Team Pilipinas shot 64% in the field, 31.6% in the 3pt arc, but the free throw shooting is an abysmal 63%.

Another good thing is Team Pilipinas reduced its turnovers from the Jones Cup average of 21 + to just 14.

Hopefully, the players feel good and carry it over in their next game against Japan. Team Pilipinas can beat Japan and I will explain why G.W. tomorrow so please visit the site again.

Top Performers

Jared Dillinger - 21 points, 11 rebounds
Paul Taulava - 15 points, 13 rebounds

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