Friday, August 14, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas Creed: I Believe In RP Powerade

I believe in RP Powerade, the National Team almighty,
creator of points and rebounds.
I believe in Kots Kalbo, his only goal, FIBA Gold,
who was conceived by PBA,
born of the hunger to regain the ASIA dominance,
suffered under Crackers Lim,
was belittled, ridiculed, and was crucified at Jones Cup;
RP Team descended to Tianjin.
On the ninth day the judgment day;
Shall ascended into 4th Place,
And would be seated at the 3rd place in ranking,
and the Team will come to put a stop to Jordan's arrogance.
I believe in Taulava et al,
the holy outside shootings,
the communion of ball movements,
the forgiveness of turnovers,
the resurrection of the Santos, Kerby and Aguilar ,
and the victory everlasting.

Credit (meaning admiration, adulation, salutation): XOF@philstar

The only Jordan I fear in Basketball is Michael Jordan.

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