Saturday, August 8, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan / Analysis / Brimming With Pride

I'm brimming with pride after Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) victory over Japan last night (78 - 69). YAHOO! Now we got their basketball community's attention - not that it matters -the most important thing is Team Pilipinas reminded them who we are in Asian Basketball. Our team is meant to be taken seriously. A Japanese hoops commentator forgot what Philippines is in Asian caging.

Japan and Philippines started tentatively, but the East Asian country got the better of the Nationals in the early going. The Filipinos kept the game close with Japan's lead never going past five points in the first half. I knew Powerade had a fighting chance and I kept on waiting for our defense to tighten. It happened in the third quarter. What did I say? (Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan)

Hard-nosed man-to-man defense make Japanese players squirm. I saw that in the Jones Cup game esp in the first quarter but Powerade's intensity faded in the remainder of that game. The defense made it possible for them to build a 19 -point lead.

The defense I saw in the 1st quarter of the game against Japan and third quarter against Korea in the Jones Cup came back. It also helped that Japan missed several undefended three point shots. Willie Miller's lay-up put us up for the first time in the game 50 - 49. Paul Asi Taulava's slam dunk punctuated a systematic Team Pilipinas' run and nailed Japan. The Philippines was up 72 -57 and never looked back.

Unlike the Jones Cup though, Yeng will stick to the line-up that works. If Team Pilipinas build a huge lead, I don't think they'll lose it so easily like what happened in Taiwan ( please! please!).

I'm not a basketball expert I'm just a fan, but I'm happy what I said came true. I'm glad the Philippine Basketball Association players rose up to the challenge. Thank you.


I noticed Willie Miller dribbles way up his chest - that's the reason Igarashi Kei stole the leather from him. Coach Yeng Guiao replaced Miller with Jayjay Helterbrand for that HUGE error that cut the lead down to eight points.

Thanks to strong anti-Japan sentiment in China. The Chinese crowd cheered for our Team.

I'll preview Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea please come again.

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