Saturday, August 15, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Qatar / CS9 / BTV

Powerade Team Pilipinas is in the consolation round - and yes we should be consoled at the fact that if the Philippines get fifth place the team might get a wild card invitation for the next year's Fiba World Championship in Turkey. Philippines vs Qatar will be at 2:00 pm today. If Team Pilipinas wants to they can beat Qatar but it depends on what mindset they'll bring in today's game.

Qatar - physically imposing squad, not consistent in shooting, and tend to be error prone. To their credit, Qatar is competitive and even built a seven-point lead against Iran yesterday before the defending Asian champs changed gears and trashed Qatar. Holdovers from the 2007 Team Pilipinas knows Qatar as they met in the Jones Cup in that year. Ali, Daoud, Elsayad and the veteran Musa are some of the team's notable players.

Team Pilipinas should beat Qatar and face Korea tomorrow G.w. for the 5th place playoff. Fifth place is the highest place the team could attain in this year's championship. If we do get invited for the Fiba World Qualifying Tournament, it will be another tough task as world basketball powers sometimes get in the mix. For example, the last wild card qualifiers were Croatia, Germany and Greece. But it's better than nothing.

Let's not compare the campaigns of Chot Reyes and Yeng Guiao as tournament format change gave the latter some benefit.

About the defeat yesterday....give me time as I wipe my tears (LOL).

Philippines vs Jordan

I wonder why Coach Yeng substituted players who were having a good game. No offense Coach, just asking. I thought in a KO game you give it all you've got including letting the in-form cagers play longer.

Rise of West Asian Teams?
Remove Rasheim Wright and Jackson Vroman from their respective teams would they still be competitive? The only West Asian team rising or has risen is Iran.

Fiba-Asia Prediction:
China vs Iran final

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