Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bleach 369 Soi Fon So Jealous Of Kisuke Urahara / Love Blinds / Spit On Your Own god

Bleach 369: Soi Fon just can't stand Urahara Kisuke. Why? I think she views him as competition for Yoruichi's attention and affection. Remember the Turn Back The Pendulum arc (in the anime)? Soi Fon tried so hard to discredit Urahara to the extent of even submitting a report logging the guy's alleged mischievous actions (loitering, drinking, etc). It turns out he was gathering intelligence and doing surveillance (remember this kids next time you play hooky). As a result, she was monumentally OWNED and embarrased herself in front of her beloved Yoruichi. Poor girl. Now, its payback time for poor Soi Fon. In exchange for helping Hacchin, Soi Fon would like the Vaizard to seal Urahara for a month LOL (relax its only a manga). I thought she was angry at the Vaizard for something so profound and deep. Man, love blinds. She doesn't care if Hacchin gets hurt (she doesn't view the Vaizards as allies yet but she'll be the Arrancar next target once the big guy is defeated).

Soi Fon a childish captain with a mature front

I find myself bored every time Soi Fon fights in Bleach. She doesn't appeal much to me. She can't believe the confidence Yoruichi has on Urahara.

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