Sunday, August 30, 2009

Viloria vs Iribe Results / Boxing Match

Viloria vs Iribe Result (boxing) - The fight was very technical at the beginning with very few spurts of sustained attack. Brian Viloria was cautious and I don't blame him as Iribe looked bigger but when opportunity presented itself the former took advantage of it. Viloria delivered three-four punch combo consistently throughout the fight troubling J. Iribe.

In the later rounds, the fight became more action-packed. Viloria almost brought trouble to himself when he engaged Iribe close in the final round. It was unnecessary anyway. Spectacular shots were exchanged and the crowd was up on their feet. But Viloria came out the clear winner at the end. The Filipino dominated the earlier rounds with crisp combination punching usually forcing Iribe to back down in the ropes.

No more lapsing to complacency this time for Brian. He is more consistent with his attack in fact the further the boxing match went the stronger he gets.

Viloria vs Iribe Result (boxing): Unanimous decision for Viloria
118 -110, 117 -112, 117 - 111 (boxingscene)

Viloria retains the International Boxing Federation junior flyweight championship

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