Saturday, August 8, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea / Taulava & Energy Drinks / 2009 Fiba-Asia Championship Day 3

So how many energy drinks will Asi Taulava drink this time?

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea 9:00 pm August 8 CS 9 if its actually available. CS9 is like Video On Demand. However, it is the channel which decides when can we watch it or not. My grandpa missed the game last night a little rain kept this channel away.

The last time Paul Asi Taulava and Seung Jin Ha, the 7-3 giant, met the Filipino tamed the Korean. Can he do that again? How many energy drinks he will down this time? Nine? Though not as quick as he once was I'm sure his competitive fire is still there. Taulava will need that as Ha is more aggressive now both in offense and defense. Powerade Team Pilipinas also needs to keep an eye on Kim Min Soo, Bang Sung Yoon, and Lee Kyu Sup. Korea plays almost flawless basketball - they shoot accurately, commit few turnovers, and move relentlessly with or without the ball. Their brand of basketball is the antithesis of PBA BASKETBALL - a direct opposite. Their line up have players who can match up physically against Arab teams now unlike before and most of them are carry over from the 2007 Fiba-Asia Championship which Korea placed third. Good luck to Powerade Team Pilipinas lol! Of course, South Korea is hardly invincible, but it will take one herculean effort for the Nationals to pull it off. Of course, they can do it. Our players have to believe it too.

Again Team Pilipinas will have to rely on defense. Korea, like Japan, also rattle in face of relentless defending. Korea relies too much on three point shooting too they can't possibly sustain it for the entire tournament. As long as passes to Ha in the paint is disrupted and controlled, he won't be such a threat but I'm sure Coach Yeng Guiao has a much better gameplan against Korea.

Team Pilipinas shot 53% from the field last night. Their TOs down to nine last night after all the team stopped showboating. If they keep this up, they can beat Korea. They were badly outrebounded by Japan so more effort guys (36 to 48)!

Go Powerade!

Update: 8 - 10 - 2009

The Nationals' defense is something Coach Yeng could build upon in the next matches as it was very intense and menacing. What did Team Pilipinas in was their poor shooting, and fouls --- tsk tsk. Okay Team Pilipinas fans time to forget the match and move on. Our Team is still alive and can still pull off at least two wins - over Chinese-Taipei and Kuwait.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to follow up on this post yesterday. I try to update my blog as soon as possible but something held me up. Please read my new post about Powerade Team Pilipinas second round schedule and don't forget to check my post about Team Pilipinas vs Chinese - Taipei. It is just a short analysis of the upcoming game this afternoon at 4:00 pm thank you very much.

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