Thursday, July 2, 2009

2NE1 In Review / To Anyone Oh It's Twenty-One

2NE1 was initially called Sista but after the fans expressed amusement at the name it was discarded.

When I first encountered the term 2NE1 I pronounced it as "to anyone" which makes sense and besides I'm an expert in deciphering messed up text messages I receive from some people. It turned out to be 21 and I was like huh? 2NE1 - New Evolution of the 21st Century that's what 2NE1 stands for --- so it figures.

2NE1 is made up of Sandara and three other dots...Seriously, the three other dots turn out to be Bom (not bum this is not a boxing post), Minzy, and CL. Thanks to their stylists we will never see how beautiful these three girls are.

At this early stage of their career, they're already successful and congratulations to them. The girls are blessed with talented song writers and the songs are catchy...Their first single is called Lollipop - followed by Fire -- both are hits. Their third single is out called "I Don't Care". So far Korea has tons of girl bands (snsd, wondergirls, Kara, 4pm) and competition is fierce. Only the strong shall survive. Good luck to 2NE1 in their musical career!

Allegedly Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Lovine showed interest in the group but knowing the Korean press tendency to blow things out of proportion better be wary of what they are reporting.

2NE1 and a peacock
Yes, these are the girls -- a visual id of 2NE1

I take back what I've said if anything half of the band needs to thank their stylist

This pic is from allkpop and boy it looks like a mugshot. The girl below Sandara is still a beauty. I checked some of her pics and she looks even more beautiful than the other Park.

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