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Powerade Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia 2009 Line Up

Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia 2009 Line Up

Asi Taulava
Mick Pennisi
Japeth Aguilar
Sonny Thoss
Kerby Raymundo
Arwind Santos
Jarred Dillinger
Gabe Norwood
Cyrus Baguio
James Yap
Willie Miller
Jayjay Helterbrand

Ryan Reyes
Ranidel De Ocampo

Coach: Yeng Guiao

Remember their names!

Three teams I'm sure they can beat
Sri Lanka > 1st round
Uzbekistan > both 2nd round

I told you my readers that we will beat Japan. But judging from our inability to break down Japanese type basketball it's 50 -50 now.

Practice Matches

Powerade Team Pilipinas defeated North and South All-stars and AIA, but lost to PBA All-Stars

Short History

Invited in Qatar Invitationals = Powerade Team Pilipinas didn't join as the season was ongoing. All expenses paid for by organizers and they get to play the best West Asian teams.

Exhibition with Puerto Rican club = Didn't materialize there was problem with arrangements as in who will pay the cost of inviting the club.

Rajko Toroman Coach of 2007 Fiba-Asia champions team offered to scout opponents for Coach Yeng was TURNED DOWN spectacularly in the newspapers or in basketball terms - Toroman was rejected!!!

people with no sense of humor stop reading

Jones Cup

Practice Tournament (according to some people NOT me)

Mission: To pack 10-months worth of training in an eight-day tournament

Time left: BARELY TWO WEEKS huhuhu...

Strengths: Defense effective if they take it seriously, Excellent hide and seek practitioners (again according to defenders)

Weaknesses: Never mind. Enumerate their weaknesses and you're a traitor to the country LOL. Headband....

Monicker: Possums (as of Jones Cup), Lions (in Fiba Asia)....according to defenders

Result: quarter finalist

Quote of the Week:
with due respect with the Sri Lankans .... if for some reason POWERADE does lose to their team at FIBA-Asia, I would really lose my respect for the PBA as that means our basketball really detoriated bigtime. That also means we truly deserve the 63rd FIBA World ranking.

nardy, interbasket day 2 of the Jones Cup with 0 -2 record

This post disturbed me. Is our Team that worse? Luckily I still hang on to the belief we can win against Sri Lanka. Even now, I believe.

I believe we can win against Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Uzbekistan and I'm saying this again and again so I could convince you to believe too. So I wrote my expectations OK? It will save you from extreme disappointment if our team underachieved (meaning we lose God forbid to Taiwan or Uzbekistan or both) and give us tremendous joy if our team suddenly overachieved (beat Iran in the second round!). I'm not underestimating these teams mentioned but I think we have the defense that could rattle them plus the talent to boot.

This is assuming Taiwan qualifies for the second round.

Powerade Team Pilipinas

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