Friday, July 10, 2009

Naruto Chapter 455: Danzo Has Sharingan!!

Well surprise, surprise Danzo has Sharingan and he said he hasn't used it for a while. So what are the implications? Many...

This is the Update 7 -11 -09
Naruto Beaten Up Good

Naruto has beaten badly eh? Were you angry...don't worry many people were to. Man, they pummelled him good tsk I'm glad its over now.

How Come Danzo Has Sharingan?

a. He might have gotten it from other Uchihas (like Kakashi)

b. He's an Uchiha too (apart from the other three. Another unknown survivor who lusted for power and had other Uchihas eliminated to eliminate competition.)

c. Danzo is Uchiha Madara

d. Danzo is Izuna (theory from another blog)

e. Danzo is Obito (far-fetched/ theory from another blog)

The development literally rocked the internet world. As for me I'm going to wait and see what and who Danzo really is.

Visual confirmation: see the video

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