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Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Lebanon / Thought Communists

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Lebanon 7:00 pm July 22, 2009

Jackson Vroman, naturalized Lebanese, had 24 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks in Lebanon's win over Kazakhstan yesterday (77 -73 final score) and might play against Powerade Team Pilipinas tonight. Fadi El-Khatib according to news reports didn't play in that match. Team Pilipinas will still test player combinations and feel out the opponent as they won't do it much earlier or in some tournament where they are not seen Asia-wide. Whatever, they can do whatever they want I just hope it all works out well in the end.

I've seen this tactic before from Chot Reyes. Contrary to what some people believe, Chot Reyes never really took Jones Cup 2007 seriously too. He was also busy trying new player combinations and other stuff.

Bill Velasco, The Game of My Life, Philippine Star July 9, 2007

The big picture is that, although we may be unhappy with the losses, the Philippines is still a work in progress, and experimenting is part of the strategy. Head coach Chot Reyes has used different combinations of players, because this is the only way he can study combinations in actual combat, as it were...

Update 7 - 24 - 2009

I forgot to say why I wrote Thought Communist in the title. Simple, for the are people trying to silence criticism - any kind of criticism even if it is meant for the well-being of the team. Not everyone who criticizes Team Pilipinas wants them to fail. Those people want uniform thinking - I don't buy that and it won't happen. I want to say what I want to say.

I believe most of them haven't read this

Even though the team won the game, I am still not confident with the way POWERADE practices are being conducted. There seems to be no sense of urgency even though we know time is running out. I do not like to compare but the practice being made by our PBA Professionals pales in comparison with the way SMART GILAS practices. Before Toroman left for Serbia, even though the last practices of GILAS only have 5 players, it was still done in a serious manner. But at POWERADE, as a certain player said to me "Laro-laro lang". Am giving them upto next week to get to work, if not .... I have no choice but to be convinced on what the other forumers are saying that the PBA is not really that dedicated to this year's FIBA-Asia and are just riding thru with it's last commitment to the National Team.

Nardy, SBP insider interbasket July 2, 2009

I don't want to interpret what he wrote (16 days before Jones Cup) judge for yourselves my dear readers.

Lebanon took us seriously parading Vroman, Khatib and Feghali. Vroman and Feghali did most of the damage as Khatib was cruising along saving himself up for next month. Team Pilipinas fought back and was within striking distance in the 4th when three straight turnovers increased the lead and Lebanon never looked back.

Team Pilipinas Positives:
Outrebounded Lebanon 36 -28 team rebounding
Shot more 3s ( 11 but we need more)
Raymundo held his own against Vroman
Dillinger will probably guard Khatib in Fiba-Asia

same old problem - turnovers, lack of teamwork...yada yada.

Where was the intense defense they put up against Kazakhstan?

Seriously, any more ball handling errors and I will put glue in their hands lol. Miller seems to have problems grabbing the ball.

Come Fiba-Asia (as I've said before) Powerade Team Pilipinas will beat Sri Lanka - it is enough to qualify for the second round. The Nationals can beat Taiwan in the rematch and Uzbekistan also. I believe this team can reach the quarterfinals though their fate in the tournament depends on their performance. I mean, they should win as many games as they can so they avoid China in the quarterfinals and survive longer in the tournament. Most people predict a 5th to 8th place finish for the Nationals. I don't know we'll see.

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