Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rei or Asuka? I Will Chose Ms Evangelion / Maki Horikita as Rei / Erika Toda as Asuka

Between Rei or Asuka I chose Rei as Miss Evangelion. She doesn't talk much, obedient but can defend herself when necessary, has great ability to piss people off and besides she just looks good as far as I'm concerned (correctly put she is drawn magnificently - she is a drawing after all). Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion is great esp. for men. Rei Ayanami is like Yuki Nagato of Haruhi Suzumiya. Both happens to be my favorites.

Of all Japanese actress I think Maki Horikita is perfect of Rei. Her role in Japanese dorama Nobuta Wo Produce - a silent, troubled young woman with very weird personality is much like Rei in the anime -- and don't get me started about physical attributes.
Maki Horikita looks beautiful even in short hair.

Asuka is spoiled rotten kid but with issues too. I don't know who will play her. The Japanese public wants Erika Toda to play the part. Hmmm...she's a bad girl in Gal Circle. Maybe she can play the role.

Rei Ayanami - Bring Her To Life

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